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With Promo (, businesses can create marketing videos quickly, easily and affordably, using more than 12.5 million premium videos, curated licensed music and the best customer support in the industry.

With Promo you can make professional marketing videos, video ads or promotional videos for your business in minutes. Promo has video templates that allow you to create a video for social media – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube – in just a few minutes, with premium-quality footage and fully licensed music.

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SDUIS Live Course – Online Marketing

This is an online marketing live course for the San Diego University of Integrative. for the online marketing checklist visit:

Digital Marketing: What’s Next for 2017? By Claire Mas, Communion Music – Midem 2016

Want to get ahead of the curve and shape your digital marketing strategies in line with the latest trends? Get on board with this inside view of what’s next in digital marketing and a succinct overview of the trends that will shape tomorrow’s campaigns!
• Claire Mas, Head of Digital, Communion Music (UK)

Best Digital Marketing Course Online | Professional Digital Marketing Using Google AdWords | Simpliv

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This training course has been constructed to introduce you to the Google AdWords advertising system. Within the course I will show you how to get setup and start using it, how to use it as it is designed to be used, and I will show you some advanced techniques and strategies that will help you get the greatest bang for your buck when you use it. These are professional usage techniques that many advertisers who use this system never learn – or even know that these features exist and they can save you a lot of advertising money and can get you greater profitable returns on each dollar you spend within this system.

The course begins with an introduction to what Google AdWords is followed by two lectures on why it is also important to do a little SEO work on your website or at least the landing pages you will be sending people to through your ads – this includes some tips on how to make these pages look good to Google. Why? Well constructed landing pages that you target and that Google sees will have an impact on how well your ads get positioned in Google search results and how much you have to pay per click to get people to your site as Google analyzes it beforehand and gives it a “Quality Score” rating – which I then explain the components of to end Section One of the course.

Next I instruct you on how to access, setup and navigate through the Google AdWords system followed by the steps you take to actually build your ad campaigns, ad groups and ultimately, your advertisements themselves. In this section I also instruct on some of the strategies you should be employing to create ads that target and convert well including how to build your keyword and keyword phrase lists, your negative keywords and what they are and how to use Google Ad Extensions in your ads to give you competitive advantage over others also competing against you for coveted page one advertising locations on Google search results. I also discuss the different Google networks you can advertise on including YouTube, Google Search and the Display network which places ads on various websites around the Internet. Lastly, I talk about the different types of ads you can create and walk you through an example of setting up an ad.

I then discuss a number of more advanced ways that professional advertisers use Google AdWords to better target various audiences, attract customers, create better converting ads and build models of different ad strategies geared to positioning your ads well and to minimizing your costs of advertising. Here you will learn tasks that you can complete that will set you apart from most users of Google AdWords – and these strategies will save you advertising costs, help you position your ads better on search results pages, and help your ads convert to sales at higher percentages.

And lastly, I walk you through setting up a Google Merchant Center account which you will need to do if you are trying to create Shopping ads through Google AdWords.

Enjoy the course!

Best wishes,

Dan Grijzenhout – Course Creator

Who is the target audience?

A business owner with a website
A digital marketing student or new practitioner
An online marketing professional.
Basic knowledge
A basic knowledge of online marketing concepts
A Google Account (G-Mail, YouTube, Google Plus, etc.)
What you will learn
They will understand the importance of doing SEO prior to using Google AdWords
learn how to setup a Google AdWords account
learn how to create a digital marketing campaign using the New Google AdWords application
learn how to use advanced Google AdWords features to improve paid advertising effectiveness

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Salon marketing ideas in Hindi | In Salon marketing | best marketing tips for salon business| PART3

Hi, namaskar dosoto , is video me mai aapko batunga . Salon ke anadr aap apne stafff ke through kaise marketing kar sakte hai. Satff hi aapka sabase bada punji hai . Ye salon marketing ka 3rd video hai . Puri video jarur dekhe.

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Please watch: “how to crack the deal. | Dealing with client explained”


Study Marketing on Demand with UniSA Online

Study on demand – a 100% online Marketing degree designed specifically for online learning. Take full control over your study – access support seven days a week, engage with content from day one of your course, view learning resources 24/7, and log into the interactive online environment anywhere, any time and on any device.

Digital technology is changing the marketing landscape which means it’s an exciting time to join the industry. With a focus on providing leading edge marketing knowledge and real industry experience, this is a versatile degree that will prepare you for a wide range of careers.

From marketing strategy, advertising, and media planning & buying, to sales, and marketing research and analytics – you will gain a broad range of skills which will open up a world of opportunity when you graduate. You’ll graduate with the skills to make smart marketing decisions – you’ll learn to communicate with different target audiences, create strategies to grow revenue, build customer loyalty, as well as analyse brand performance and advertising metrics.

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Was ist Online Marketing ⚖ Recht❓


Das Online Marketing Recht ist eine Querschnittsmaterie, welche unterschiedliche Rechtsgebiete wie insbesondere das Urheberrecht, Markenrecht, Persönlichkeitsrecht, Wettbewerbsrecht, Strafrecht und den Datenschutz tangiert. Es existiert kein eigenständiges Online Marketing Gesetz.

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Tobias Röttger ist Inhaber und Partner der Mainzer Medienkanzlei gulden röttger | rechtsanwälte, die sich ausschließlich auf die Rechtsgebiete Urheberrecht, Social Media Recht, Online Marketing Recht, Medienrecht, Markenrecht, Persönlichkeitsrecht und Wettbewerbsrecht spezialisiert hat.

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Make Money with Builderall: TOP 5 Proven Ways to $100 a Day

In this video I go over My Top 5 Proven Ways to Start Making Money with Builderall Today! There 5 ways are all real strategies that are proven to work and are applicable for someone with no experience to start.

Time Stamp:
Strategy #1: 2:40
Strategy #2: 4:50
Strategy #3: 7:10
Strategy #4: 11:50
Strategy #5: 14:04

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If you are new to the channel my name is Chad Bartlett and I have been doing online marketing for over 2 years now.

I started out like any other kid living with my mom, going to school full time, and delivering food.

After 8 months of failure testing out different business models I came across affiliate marketing. Within 3 months I quit my job and dropped out of college.

After thousands of hours of hard work and frustration I have been able to do all of this in the past 2 years from when I started:

– Move out and get my own place
– Buy a 450 hp Camaro SS2
– Become a Marketing Director for an 8 Figure Software Company
– Built up a multi 6 figure affiliate marketing business
– Most importantly do what I love every single day on my own schedule

I don’t say these things to brag but instead to tell you that if you have a dream and your willing to put in the work and do what others aren’t willing to do then it is possible!

I had a 2.3 GPA in high school and had the worst grades in my whole class except for one other kid.

I’m nothing special but I had a dream and didn’t give up.

So if you want to learn more from me and see more of what my day to day life looks like then be sure to subscribe because I try to give out the most up to date real content on online marketing and making money online

See you in the next video and thanks for watching!

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3 ways to avoid mistakes and online marketing when you are clueless help for newbies

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