“30 errores en Marketing Online” por @BrunoVD en #CW15

Los 30 errores que las empresas seguimos cometiendo en Marketing Online por Bruno Vázquez-Dodero en Congreso Web 2015.

02:30 Error 1 No preguntar y abrir la participación
03:24 Error 2 Usar las RRSS sólo para publicar contenidos y no para crearlos
06:54 Error 3 Más visitas ≠ Más ventas
09:12 Estudio de conversión (Landings, A/B Test, Embudos, Copywriting, Mapas de Calor)
10:58 Error 4 Querer contar todas las bondades de nuestra empresa
12:30 Error 5 No dar un servicio buenísimo
14:03 Error 6 Publicar mucho y a mucho ritmo
17:13 Error 7 No segmentar en Facebook
18:18 Error 8 Sólo usar las redes sociales de moda
19:40 Error 9 Seguir usando las imágenes igual que hace 10 años (JPG y PNG, SVG y GIF, Twitter Cards)
23:00 Error 10 No poner el foco en las personas
24:15 Error 11 No hacer SEO a youtube (CTR, Títulos, Enlaces, Tiempo de permanencia, Texto y Etiquetas)
27:24 Error 12 Pensar que estar en redes sociales es gratis
28:26 Error 13 No transcribir el contenido audiovisual
30:00 Error 14 Centrarnos sólo en conseguir las primeras ventas
31:05 Error 15 Sólo hacer Marketing de Contenidos escrito (Vídeo, Audio, Herramientas, Imágenes, Páginas Web, Diapos)
33:33 Error 16 No escribir nunca faltas de ortografía
35:33 Error 17 No publicar contenido de valor en otras webs y plataformas
36:55 Error 18 Contenidos cortos y/o duplicados
39:06 Error 19 No valorar la opción de comprar dominio o web
41:26 Error 20 Tener muchos dominios diferentes
43:24 Error 21 No conectar el Offline y el Online
45:05 Error 22 Enamorarte de tu producto
45:53 Error 23 No potenciar las marcas personales dentro de la empresa
47:14 Error 24 No experimentar y probar muchos títulos
49:15 Error 25 No valorar el poder de los grupos y foros
50:08 Error 26 Ser reactivos y no proactivos
52:05 Error 27 Solo hacer SEM y anuncios con contenido comercial
53:17 Error 28 Establecer métricas y KPIs equivocadas
54:37 Error 29 Falta de interconexión entre departamentos
55:26 Error 30 No establecer prioridades

Enterarte de la últimas novedades en http://congresoweb.es también puedes saber más sobre BrunoVD en http://aulacm.com/ y http://webycontenidos.com/

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking led off as a trend but was rapidly getting essential. With the ever-expanding increase of the Internet, growth hacking is now absolutely essential when bringing products and services to clients. For years, marketers were in charge of pushing products while coders were fully responsible for entering and building code, or a platform. Now, however, these words have merged to create a single system of true growth, known as growth hacking. Marketing will always be an essential element, but it’s important to have a single individual or handful of employees who focus solely on the narrow growth of the company. The Internet has truly created a new way for businesses to grow, seemingly overnight in some scenarios. Consumers no longer have to feel tricked in terms of product, because product features can be directly involved in growth. In addition to these elements, growth hackers also understand that channels of distribution are no longer A to B, and any sale is a positive note. Instead, channels are now moved or even created due to the channels created by social media. This could include new websites or even popular blogs from trending individuals outside of the entertainment arena. While growth hacking is currently implied to resolve around startups, it will soon be implemented into even the largest organizations.


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Online Marketing to Investors

“This book clearly explains why Investor Relations is now a highly regarded career choice and demonstrates its value to companies and the investment community.”—Helen Parris, Director of Investor Relations, G4S plc “This book is an essential read for Investor Relations profes-sionals, business managers, and anyone interested in corporate relations.”—William Sun, Deputy Director of the Centre for Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility, Leeds Business School The expectations on UK listed companies continue to grow with the expansion of the regulatory framework and an increase in public scrutiny. The investment community continues to demand access to management, regular and meaningful communication, and an understanding of a firm’s position relative to its competitors. It falls increas-ingly to the Investor Relations (IR) function to help compa-nies and their management meet the rigorous demands of the equity markets and an evolving set of tools, technolo-gies, legal and governance frameworks. Digital channels present great but underutilised poten-tial to contribute to ever more effective IR. Online platforms offer fast, comprehensive, economical, exible and regula-tion-compliant methods of disclosing corporate informa-tion to investors, analysts and other relevant parties in the investment evaluation and decision making process.


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