Inbound vs. Outbound Digital Marketing Strategy (EXPLAINED)

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In this video we explain the difference between a Inbound vs. an Outbound Digital Marketing Strategy and how they both can work together to help you reach you marketing and business goals.

In lames terms, and in-bound digital marketing strategy is one that drives customers to you, and example of this is a Content Marketing where you write blogs, or maybe make videos like this one with content that people are interested in learning about.

Whereas an out-bound digital marketing strategy would be situations where the customers are not coming to you, but instead you are going to them.

An example of this is ads on social media, advertisers are serving you ads on your Facebook, Instagram, and almost every other social media platform at this point.

You never signed up for those ads and those advertisers are targeting you because they believe you might have an interest in their products or services based on what you post, and the content you engage with on your social networks.

Now both strategies are key parts of a solid digital marketing strategy and to take this a step further I want to illustrate some examples of both.

Inbound tends to drive a higher intent as they are people who are actively searching for your content, while outbound tends to have a lower intent as you are interrupting users – these people are not looking for your products and services and could be in the middle of doing some important things like research for work, watching a funny video, or hacking the next U.S. elections.

The point is they are not looking for your offering so when you are advertising to them you are interrupting what they are doing.

Now this does not mean that you cannot be effective, just means that you have to do a good job of targeting them with the right message and a bit of creativity to catch their attention.

Both inbound and outbound strategy should work hand in hand because at any given time there are only so many users searching for something that you are selling.

Also, even if you ranked #1 on Google and drove all the traffic possible to your website, consumers do not often purchase on their first visit to a website and using an outbound strategy like running Facebook ads to website visitors or using email campaigns will be keep to convert your website visitors overtime.

Now there are some channels out there that you can apply both an inbound and outbound strategy to at the same time.

This is what I consider a Hybrid.

And it is Search Advertisings, as in Google and YouTube search.

These are a hybrid because here are users who are actively searching so they have intention behind their media consumption, but with paid pay-per-click ads you are propelling your brand to the front of the web.

Someone could be searching right now for something related to your products or services but because you might not be on the top of Google or YouTube those users might have never seen your content.

And with Google & YouTube driving a majority of the searches on the internet it is no wonder why ads on these platforms have become such performance channels.

As they give us both the high intention of an in-bound marketing strategy, and the volume and scale of an out-bound strategy.

Again, you want to incorporate both strategies into your digital marketing plan.

Where an inbound strategy offers high intention an outbound strategy works by driving high volume, giving you a good blend of hot leads who might be ready to buy today while adding new people into your sales funnel who could turn into sales overtime.


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