Sparro – Independent Digital Marketing Agency

We’re an independent digital marketing agency based in Sydney. We excel at paid and organic search, programmatic marketing and multivariate testing.

Work directly with us to grow your business. No go-betweens, no traditional account managers; just a dedicated team of digital marketer ‘doers’. We pride ourselves on our agile approach, bringing our clients value they can measure.

Win at Online Marketing with Disruptive Advertising

Learn more about Disruptive Advertising here:

UVM Digital Marketing Fundamentals Professional Certificate

Erik Harbison provides an overview of the UVM Digital Marketing Fundamentals Professional Certificate offered online throughout the year.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

We’re going back to the basics. Join Mike Tomita, Director of Online Marketing at Marketo, for this short, easy-to-digest, and actionable 15-minute webinar to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing. We’ll define the acronyms, translate the buzzwords, and give you the foundation you need to understand and implement an effective digital marketing strategy.

You’ll learn:

– How digital marketing fits into your marketing mix
– Best practices for getting started and optimizing your programs
– Pitfalls, perils, and how to avoid them