30k Foot View of Online Marketing

30k Foot View of Online Marketing
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It is so easy to be overwhelmed by all the noise in the market.
You do not have to be confused.

This video will give you a simple overview that can help you organize your thoughts and business plan.

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30k Foot View of Online Marketing


AI Powered Copy writing Tools for Online Marketing

Mont Digital – AI Powered Copy writing Tools for Online Marketing

About Core Online Marketing

Core Online Marketing (formerly Core Marketing Strategies) was founded to help small and mid-sized businesses grow by helping them develop, and effectively execute, strategic marketing plans.

As online marketing became increasingly more important as part of the marketing mix, Core decided to concentrate its efforts exclusively on online marketing. This was done because we were able to secure a better return on investment on behalf of our clients.

We still get push back from small and mid-sized business owners and executives; they have previously invested in websites that are not producing results, and they don’t want to participate in social media activities.

To us, online marketing is strategic, and is about engaging with communities of interest in value-based conversations. The key to success is using the right tools, and making a commitment to consistently offering fresh and compelling content.

Based on our experience, online marketing has become foundational to all things marketing. We encourage you to embrace it and accept that this is the way of the future. It is the “new normal”.

If you are still thinking “so what”, ask yourself this question. In five years, will more or less people be searching online for what you have to sell? The answer is obvious.

Core Online Marketing can help you get started on this journey.