GDPR Data protection and Online Marketing

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Complete Privacy step by step including CCPA compliance

Have you become a “Marketing Meatbag”?! Take charge of your online identity with Holo & Holochain

Philip Beadle aka DJ @philt3r ( breaks down how Persona and Profiles are managed in the HoloVault hApp, built on Holochain. This type of application allows you to manage your own personal data on your machine while making it convenient to choose who actually gets to see your data without selling out! Philip knows what he’s talking about because he actually helped build OAuth. OAuth (Open Authorization) is an open standard for token-based authentication and authorization on the Internet. ”

Music mixed by DJ @philt3r, song by Scorpion by Mac Vaughn & Mateo

The Not-Too-Distant Future of Digital Marketing | Stanley Chee | TEDxISKL

In his talk Stanley Chee, a software engineer, strives to enlighten the audience about the advertising industry. His discussion through targeted advertising introduces some of the bizarre and downright dirty sides of advertising whether we like it or not.

Stanley Chee was professionally trained and worked as a software engineer in Arizona, USA, before coming back to Malaysia. He has served as Chief Technical Officer for OffGamers before joining Gapture Malaysia. Stanley is a member of Mensa Society, The High IQ Society. On his free time, Stanley trains for his triathlon races. He likes to travel with his wife and he is an amateur photographer. Stanley Chee casually writes on his personal blog. He is a public speaker on topics like cloud computing, SaaS, Google AdWords and digital marketing. He is also a certified Google Trainer conducting AdWords courses for Google under ClickAcademy Asia.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at