The Top 10 Benefits of Online Marketing

In this video, I want to talk about the top 10 benefits that I see in online marketing. I learned a lot of things on my bricks and mortar businesses years ago and these lessons drove me to create income online and have a profitable business.

How To Choose The Right Online Marketing Business For You

In this video, I want to go through the basic steps on how to make money online.

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Learn how to build a God centered business through his guidance and direction?

Help you identify your spiritual gifts, talents and unique abilities & step into creating vs. copying?

Learn how to turn use the talents & gifts God has given you to build a abundant mindset and profitable business?

Help you gain clarity on your message and mission so you can finally build a business that makes contribution & impact?

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I have gathered almost two dozen online marketing experts who have made the decision to put God at the center of their life and business. From successful authors, podcasters, digital marketing experts to christian entrepreneurs.

 It’s not by accident, chance, or luck that they have been able to achieve so many milestones in the online marketing space. 
This industry is amazing, but it’s far too quiet about the one thing that can change EVERYTHING, and that is putting God at the center of all you do. 
Many people told me “Jen, be careful, you don’t want to turn people off by talking about God.” 
That’s not my goal at all. My goal is that it will turn people on…Wake people up …
Whether you believe or not, there is infinite wisdom in the bible. Everyone can relate to it’s truth, it’s the universal law.
The truth is I did life and business for many years the “self-managed” way. Keeping God on the sidelines. 
Can I let you in on a little secret….Self help is no help at all. 
If we could help ourselves, then all our problems would be solved wouldn’t they?

We need God’s direction and plan, because he’s created one for us. (Jeremiah 20:11) 
We also need each other’s gifts, talents, abilities, and strengths to work together to make this world go round. 
So often people try to play the wrong role, copy, compare and compromise who they are to win in this business and that’s not the approach to take. 
The sooner you can step into the role God created you for, the sooner life and business will make sense. 
That is exactly what we are going to help you discover through this 10 day series. 
How to uncover your spiritual gifts, build a profitable business and create success in faith as a christian entrepreneur. 
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