Introducing Zenreach Attract: Connect digital marketing with in-store results

Zenreach Attract enables merchants like you to use what you know about your current customers to acquire new customers. You can track the results using our Walk-Through Rate. Zenreach Attract is the first product to connect online marketing with directly measurable in-store results.

Newbie Pro Tv Ep 37 The Benefits of Joining My Online Marketing Team | Royaltie Network

So you want to join an online marketing opportunity but
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Royaltie Notification Network has popped up on your radar. That’s no surprise since one of their Benefits is Proximity Marketing.

One of the Top teams on Royaltie Networks is Royaltie Elite hands down. There are mentions of the team in almost every royaltie gem overview and if you’re wondering if royaltie is a scam the answer is absolutely NOT!

This video not only includes value on how to make money online but it discusses a royaltie update: artificial intelligence. There are many benefits to you for joining my team with royatle uplinks. I personally will invest in your success if you are ready to join royaltie today! This royaltie gem overview will show you what I will be helping you with to start your online marketing journey!

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Royaltie 10 minute Overview; Online Marketing is Easy with Proximity Marketing

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After working online for over 18 years, and finding my success the hard way, I have discovered a new marketing solution, my clients are using to grow their online business faster, while on a budget, without having to pay for courses, extra training, multiple marketing tools, paid ad, nor traffic!

The 1st All-In-One “Do It Yourself” marketing solution, where everything you need is in 1 place, instead of having to connect multiple marketing tools, with multiple monthly payments.

The easy ad creation, has a built in proximity marketing feature, which allows you to create an ad in 5 minutes ads, to be seen on millions of websites & apps, with no social media account required. You can target potential customers within a radius of 10 km to 800 km in any city in the world. I sure wish I had this when I first started.

Here are some of the amazing features included – AT NO EXTRA COST – NO UPGRADES – NO COURSES OR TRAINING TO PURCHASE.

**Unlimited permanent ads that you can change for any business whenever you like
**Proximity marketing
**10,000 visitors to your ads every month
**Unlimited (shareable) landing pages and websites
**Built in autoresponder for email marketing
**Social media posting to FB, Twitter & Linkedin with 1 click.
**Clickable images – your link now goes wherever the photo goes!
**Content marketing – library of thousands of top notch articles in 25 niche industries for you to provide value to your followers
**Built in CRM
**Live Zoom support

I hope you have enjoyed the above video, but I would also like to offer you a complimentary zoom meeting, where I will share my screen with you, and show you the amazing features live! It’s truly exciting how easy Online Marketing can be.

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Sandra Watts

Online and Proximity Marketing with Social Media
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Online and Proximity Marketing with Social Media. Proximity and Online Marketing for Small Business, Automatically PROMOTE YOUR Businesses and Attract NEW Customers by Sending digital ads on over 500,000 of the most popular apps and websites in the country. More Detail:
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We are a Tech Company in the Proximity Marketing niche and has revolutionized the way companies promote and brand their business. In addition to Proximity Marketing, our marketing platform includes a CRM, email auto responder and social posting program ALL IN ONE!

The Platform Automatically Promotes Businesses and Attracts NEW Customers by Ads to wifi enabled devices surrounding a specified address. We can target the ads by keyword, age, gender and time of day enabling your ads to go to the best possible prospects for your business

Businesses buy these for proximity marketing services and stay for all the other value added features.

Some of Easiest Categories to Sell the Gem’s Will Include; Real Estate Agents/Rental Communities, lawyers, car dealerships and ANY business that needs new clients.

Your message can lead them to a custom created landing page on our platform or to your website. You can do ALL of this for less than $3.00 per day. Online and Proximity Marketing with Social Media is exactly what you need to start online marketing programs for your business. For more information call (800) 587-0366 and talk to Linda today!

Royaltie Online Marketing Made Simple – NEW 2019

Royaltie is a complete online marketing platform made easy for the rest of us!

Targeted proximity marketing, social media marketing, online advertising, email campaigns, landing pages and more can be done all from one place.

Connect with me:

I’m a home business owner and coach helping home business owners grow their business by attracting and landing their dream clients and customers.

I have served as managing editor of Success from Home magazine and have written personal development columns for SUCCESS magazine.

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Online Marketing for Churches

Most in your community probably do not know “all” that you provide to the community — but it’s up to you to tell them. We can help through innovative, intuitive, and inexpensive tools including online ads, landing pages, email campaigns, and social content marketing.

And we can do so with a budget-friendly monthly subscription with *NO* contract required — EVER!

Royaltie vs Asirvia | Why Permission Based Marketing Won’t Work – Animated Cartoon | Must See

Have a look at the new Elite Toon Series which showcases the news about Asirvia and Royaltie and how Asirvia is switching to a permission-based platform | Join Royaltie | Call Me: 619-306-9453
Here’s another useful tool I use to promote my business and sell more Gems and Products by giving away unlimited Complimentary “FREE” Vacation Packages as incentives for…
Proximity marketing is big right now and Royaltie is the leading company taking advantage of it. The Royaltie gem was introduced January of last year and has been scaling up ever since.
First Royaltie upgraded with the Royaltie app that allowed you to control your Royaltie Gems straight from the app.
Next Royaltie came out with Upline, which is a Royaltie white-label solution which allows businesses to completely brand the proximity marketing platform and app to themselves.
Now in 2018 the big release from Royaltie is Mobile Guest WiFi which you can view some of my previous videos and see what that is all about
Just when you thought it could get no better, Royaltie now launched UPLOOK a magic search engine tool that you can use to get back marketing data from your leads and prospects. See for yourself here
Now Royaltie has a 400 meter beacon known as BFG due to supply and demand of the public. If that wasn’t enough, knowing we had to one up the competition and leave all others in the dust…Royaltie has also created a 1,000 Meter Gem as well both now available for purchase through Royaltie.
Now Royaltie spent almost a $Million Dollars on the NEW Upline Networks App which is the FIRST Team Management tool for the Online Marketing Niche. Very powerful and the best part is…It’s FREE!!!
use the Royaltie Gem to market and promote your business or brand. For more info or to sign up with Royaltie now you can do so at or if you have some more questions about the Royaltie Gem or Proximity marketing then you can call me on my direct line at 619-306-9453
Thanks for watching and have a blessed day!