4 Tips to Increase Your Results in Online Marketing

It’s only day 6 of the #14daychallenge with Ray Higdon and I’ve got some huge takeaways to share with you.

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Mindset & Skillset = Success – Back To School Update – Online Marketing

Back To School – How To Improve Your Online Success. We decided to take time to improve both our mindset and our skillset in order to take our online businesses to the next level.
It wasn’t long ago that I was a busy professional, locked into trading my time for money. I loved my work, but I was working all the time, and missing my family and having no freedom.

I spent decades in the business and professional environment, exchanging time for money. The 9-5 rat race was really a 7am-9:00pm rat race. I was living in a “golden cage”, well paid but totally dependent on the whim of bosses who could not be trusted with my best interests.

Finally the light went on, and I realized that I was sacrificing my time with my son and my wife. I was living out someone else’s dream, and not my own.

Back to School –

Recently, after four years of learning and practicing mindset and skills, our part-time side income matched our full-time job income. So we left our jobs to be working from home full time.

To get there, we learned one simple fact:

Success is the marriage of Mindset and Skillset.

So to broaden our mindset and skillset, we have gone “back to school”, and have immersed ourselves in five great ways to improve both our mindset and our skillset.

ClickBank University:

Advantages: How To Do Affiliate Marketing. How To Create Your Own Product. Bonuses, including How to Make Money On YouTube. Just $47. No Brainer training for everyone.


John Crestani – Super Affiliate System 2.0:

JC is called the “high priest” of Tim Ferriss’ “Four Hour Workweek”. His Super Affiliate System 2.0 is outstanding. This is the most comprehensive and directly helpful training program we have seen.


AWOL Academy:

Keala Kanae is a marketing phenomenon with an exceptional training program used by 10s of thousands of people. Join AWOL and its Pro Academy teaches you how to be successful in online marketing. Check out the NO COST two hour free webinar that shows you in detail how the key to success online is to link the proper mindset with the proper mindset, then it gives you over-the-shoulder training. You can simply purchase the outstanding training modules, or you can also become an affiliate and put the training into practice.


John Assaraf / NeuroGym:

So often it is our old thought patterns and hurts that are holding us back. Upgrade your brain, and you can upgrade your income. Learn how to let go your own limiting beliefs, and unleash your fullest potential. Learn how the newest discoveries in neuroscience mean that we can literally refresh and renew our brains, and create new thoughts and new realities for ourselves. Register for the training, and live the life you want to earn now.


Elite Marketing Pro:

How To Easily Recruit – Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads.

Finally, An Easy Way To Recruit – Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads… Learn the key concepts of effective online marketing using the concepts of “content is king”, and “attraction marketing”.
* FREE 10 Day “Online Recruiting Bootcamp”:

To be successful online, there are 2 essential tools that you HAVE to have… an email autoresponder, and Clickfunnels.

See why ClickFunnels is awesome, and get your 14 day free trial by clicking below:

If you don’t have an autoresponder, we recommend AWeber. You can get more information about AWeber here:



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