Online Marketing voor Makelaars

In dit filmpje wordt eenvoudig uitgelegd hoe je als makelaar de verschillende online marketing middelen op een goede manier inzet om zo de kansen op meer omzet te verhogen.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents – 10 Tips

Are you a real estate agent or looking to grow your real estate company? Take a few minutes and check out these 10 digital marketing tips to help grow your brand.

1) Establish your niche. What type of real estate do you focus on? What price ranges? What neighborhoods? Be as specific as possible so you can build your branding, audience and all your marketing campaigns around it! Start very niche, you can always expand later. But try to become the local expert in one area before expanding out.

2) Build a highly convertible and professional website (mobile first) which targets your niche! Use a strong IDX listing program like IDX Broker which allows you to get the design, functionality and SEO value you need to succeed! Take pride in your content – your website is your 24/7 sales person that never calls in sick! Build in strong call to actions with your information so people can reach out! Make it easy to request more info, request walkthroughs and more. Also make it easy for people to share properties on social media! Make sure your design has lots of local images so it feels at home with your visitors.

3) Build a strong presence on social media! Share pictures and videos about all the new properties that pop up on the market inside of your niche. Share information and tips about your niche, be the clear expert! The main platforms to focus on are Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for this. High quality images are key. Leave call to actions to direct message you for walk-throughs or more info! Make sure to spend money to run Social Targeting Ads® to promote your content and get it in front of more people in your area!

4) Create lots of videos! One idea outside of videos about the specific properties is to write down questions you are asked during the week and make videos of those things to share on social media! You can also create a weekly email campaign or text message campaign which emails or texts people interested in getting alerts about new properties! People can subscribe to these lists via your website or CRM. More about a CRM in tip 5!

5) Use a CRM! Keep detailed notes on your leads & clients, send automated emails for holidays, birthdays and more. Check-in & follow up with clients and keep them engaged! Build your CRM so you can quickly search and sort by things like neighborhood, number of bedrooms, etc.. so you can call and email prospects quickly about new properties.

6) Invest in building a strong online Reputation. Before people work with you, they will research you. Give a review from every buyer and seller you work with! Even if they don’t buy, but the experience was good, ask for a review!

7) Get on 1st page of Google for your top niche keywords (organically and paid). Spend money to be on top of the page for your very best search terms. Also make sure to build pages on the different types of properties you sell, the locations, neighborhoods, etc.. Research the best keywords, then build pages for them and add content and pull in ongoing blog posts about it. One idea for blogging is to do a blog on each property and make a video! If you need help with keyword research, give us a call and we’ll help you for free.

8) Run retargeting ads on google display network, youtube, facebook and instagram, etc.. People are often in research mode for many months when it comes to real estate, you want to stay in front of them so they think of you first! Change your ads each week to showcase new properties in the niche you sell. Build lists for each niche you sell so it’s highly targeted! Build lists of people that watch your social videos or engage with your content as well.

9) Target groups, businesses and organizations nearby which fit your niche audience on social media. Build campaigns to target them. Offer them deals!

10) Use an all-in-one marketing platform which has both the talent & technology you need to succeed.

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Real Estate – Online Marketing Case Study

Real Estate – Online Marketing

Discover new buyers & sellers.

Reach potential clients through consumer behavior. Target new audiences and Use state-of-the-art targeting technology.

Real Estate Marketing On YouTube – An Interview About Digital Marketing & R.E. Lead Generation

Real estate lead generation on YouTube is a wide-open marketing strategy for Realtors.

Whether you are a Realtor, or you are in real estate school studying to become an agent and seek to leverage the power of video marketing and YouTube to generate leads online…

The tips, marketing strategies and ideas in this video will save you years of trial and error!

You see, over the last 2 years, I’ve been watching Kristina Smallhorn with grow her business and YouTube channel at the same time.

Through trial and error, she has tested a ton of real estate marketing ideas from social media to video marketing and has found the best success with videos on YouTube.

One very interesting datapoint she shared is that posting the same video on social media and Facebook will get more views but never resulted in calls.

Even though her growth on YouTube is smaller she is getting calls from prequalified leads of individuals from around the WORLD looking to buy in her area.

They are able to get to know her, like her and trust her through her past videos so by the time they call, they are already convinced they want to work with her.

From Germany to Canada and across the US she is generating leads for her real estate business through YouTube!

I recommend diving into her platform a bit and when you visit her channel, BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE!

Check out Kristina’s YouTube channel here:

Find Kristina on social media @YourRealEstateWhisperer (Twitter @RealEstateWhisp)

Below I’m going to link you to a few of the different video types or shows she has on her channel.

First, the skit videos… Here’s a skit she did about “The Worst Sales Agent Ever” –

She spoke about doing YouTube Live new home walkthroughs instead of doing open houses.. Here is an example of that kind of video:

Her “Take a Tip Tuesday” show – This one in particular got over 113,000 views:

In addition to learning about her story and her path to video marketing she gives several video ideas for real estate agents seeking to do more video marketing.

At the end she covers her exact strategy she teaches during her marketing consulting sessions.

There are some very important components realtors need to be aware of, from a compliance standpoint when doing video marketing for real estate agents.

Bunny Terry – Tip #1 How to make time for online marketing

Success is simple, not easy. Setting aside 15 minutes a day is the perfect way to start posting to social media sites. And you want to do it consistently so that your online presence builds over time. It’s that simple! Let me know if I can help you with this process.

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Real Estate – Online Marketing

Real Estate – Online Marketing

Discover new buyers & sellers.

Reach potential clients through consumer behaviour. Target new audiences and Use state-of-the-art targeting technology.

Take your online advertising to the next level and reach your exact consumer.

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Increase Your Real Estate Leads In 2019 (Facebook Advertising Done RIGHT)

Increase Your Real Estate Leads In 2019 (Facebook Advertising Done RIGHT)

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