How 6-Circle Digital Marketing Strategy Help Hotels Manage & Grow Revenues? | Hotel Marketing Ideas

A 6-circle Digital Marketing Strategy for hotels is laid out and well explained by Avijit Arya helping marketers to expand their hotel business and better their ROI.

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The Complete Google AdWords Course: Beginner to Advanced!

Get The Complete Digital Marketing Course Bundle!

The Complete Digital Marketing Course Bundle!

In this video we will cover AdWords basics, digital marketing fundamentals, creating your first ad campaign, how to create the best ads for maximizing conversions, adjusting your campaigns based on the data you collect, scaling successful campaigns, generating a positive ROI, and much, much more! Most importantly, the tutorials included in this video feature an over-the-shoulder teaching approach through detailed screen capture. This course is included in The Complete Digital Marketing Course Bundle where you can learn Google AdWords, Facebook Marketing, Email marketing, and YouTube promotion. Mastery of these 4 web platforms if essential for any digital marketer, and if you like to support the channel, we encourage you check out this course bundle!

The Complete Digital Marketing Course Bundle!

Time Stamps:
1:08 How can you get the most out of this course?
6:41 Basic terms
14:47 Campaign settings, bids, and locations
20:14 Types of keywords and understanding your keyword quality score in Google AdWords
26:42 A trustworthy landing page is critical for conversions and a high keyword score
39:54 Usually it takes faith and consistent effort to get great results
46:11 Conversions are all that matter. Ignore all other data!
51:49 Preparing for conversion tracking setup
55:16 Go to tools and complete your conversion tracking setup
1:04:05 How to immediately confirm your conversion tracking is setup properly
1:17:20 How to add Google Analytics tracking for deeper AdWords data
1:23:57 Keep the first campaign simple while you wait for approval
1:33:04 Reviewing initial campaign and copying into a new campaign
1:39:20 Keyword research to expand an existing campaign with new ad sets
1:50:52 How to quickly make display campaigns using search ads
1:58:49 Testing trademark and limited approval ads on a new product
2:15:09 How to quickly try a new landing page and copy ad groups
2:27:44 Quickly copying campaigns and split testing countries
2:38:39 Keyword research and fast new campaign creation on best offer
2:47:40 First conversions tracked with a free offer
2:53:46 Choosing which campaigns to pause and save money
2:59:36 AdWords is challenging because you have to wait for enough data
3:06:54 Adding keywords to a campaign now getting impressions and expanding to display
3:15:12 Day 5 pausing campaigns not converting and preparing for new sales
3:31:00 Conversion data ad schedule, mobile device bid adjustment, and appreciating success
3:40:30 Launching a new product with expensive keywords
3:46:17 Created ads on a trademarked keyword requiring AdWords specialist approval
4:02:05 What to do when your conversions are not matching your actual sales
4:12:03 How to start scaling up campaigns with conversions
4:21:03 Making new ads based on what is converting, copying the ads, and adding negative keywords
4:32:30 Conversions review with negative keywords, copying ads, and location targeting
4:45:49 Watch as I discover live the reason my conversions are higher than sales
4:54:54 The end or just getting started You decide! I will be continuing to build this!
5:09:02 How to handle errors for trademark requirements
5:23:16 Using organic search traffic and another keyword tool to add negative keywords
5:27:53 Conversions showing in different products than advertised
5:34:46 Making a better landing page produces my first proven positive ROI!
5:40:49 How to use location reports to exclude places where ads are not converting
5:47:25 Changing keyword match type to exact match and excluding search partners
5:56:36 Raising the daily budget and eliminating countries with high cost conversions
6:06:08 Lowering bids where sales are more expensive and checking the ad schedule
6:14:53 What to do when your cost per conversion suddenly spikes
6:24:26 Using the bid and budget simulator to make campaign changes
6:38:34 When you finally get a perfect solution, let it run without interference!
6:47:49 With two months of good data, now I can go deeper for a lower ongoing cost per conversion
6:55:27 Overview of correctly setup remarketing in Google Analytics and Google AdWords
6:58:01 Creating a new Google Analytics property and installing tracking code
7:01:30 Linking your AdWords account and starting remarketing
7:09:08 Fast display ad creation quickly going from 1 ad to 48 ads in an ad set
7:15:46 Copying ad display ad campaigns to split by country
7:33:46 Using Google Analytics to optimize AdWords marketing and display ads
7:47:48 Google Adwords for video: why use it and how I use it today
7:50:17 How to quickly make a $0.01 cost per view advertising campaign
7:53:49 Using Google remarketing audiences to find similar users
7:56:47 Making a keyword targeted Google AdWords for video campaign
7:58:10 Using reports to see which of your targeted audience watches the most

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🔥 Crea tu Agencia de Marketing Digital: 14 consejos

👉👉Mi Escuela Virtual:

¿Estás pensando en lanzar un negocio o una agencia especializada en Marketing Digital o en Marketing Online? Aquí tienes 14 consejos muy útiles que seguro te van a servir.

Estos consejos vienen de mi experiencia lanzando varios negocios de este tipo, y esto es lo que he aprendido.

Déjame tus comentarios y preguntas, como siempre, te respondo bastante rápido!.

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Los 14 consejos que te comento en el vídeo son:

✔ Nicho
✔ Primer cliente
✔ Fórmate y especialízate
✔ No gastes dinero en muchas herramientas
✔ Propuestas y contratos
✔ Compra clientes
✔ Crea tu marca
✔ Prioriza y aprende qué es lo más importante
✔ ROI y métricas
✔ Crea un equipo
✔ Precios de mercado
✔ Crea servicios que tus clientes realmente necesiten
✔ Automatiza
✔ Mira a tu competencia, pero no la mires…


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✅ Automatiza tu Agenda:


Mi Escuela Virtual para Montar Negocios Online: Aprenderás a montar tu negocio online paso a paso, desde finanzas, nicho de mercado, estructura de negocio, cómo poner precios precios, marca personal, productividad, propuestas y contratos, estrategia de contenidos, calendario editorial, embudo de ventas, anuncios de facebook, y mucho más.

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Marta Emerson 🙂

Zibron Digital Marketing Plan in Hindi | DMR business | Make Money Online | MLM GuruKul

Win at Online Marketing with Disruptive Advertising

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ROI Through Digital Marketing- The Secret Sauce

Being able to measure the return on digital marketing enables us to plan better on the ad strategies. Watch Pradeep Nidamarthi of Reliance Capital, Monish Ghatalia of Focus Communications and Prashin Jhobalia from the House of Hiranandani discuss the industry-wise approach at the recent Digital Leadership Summit organised by Social Beat in Mumbai.

Google Adwords Fundamentals | Before Getting Started |Chapter-2 | Digital Marketing series | Hindi

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Cart Value (Online marketing scaling secret)
Download the worksheet:
What do you know about cart value?
Here’s what you should know…
If you create a campaign or funnel that has the conversion rate to be a winning promotion, not having a high enough cart value can still kill its total success.
On the other hand, if you have a campaign or funnel with okay conversion rates but can really increase your cart value, you can practically dominate your market.
I created a worksheet to illustrate the power of Cart Value.
And for today’s Video Friday, I did a little longer video where I really explain why and how to calculate cart value, and how to increase it…
Here’s your video on cart value…

Tangible Results: Determining the ROI of your online marketing

Southern Oregon Business Network presents Jay Toral’s feature presentation on the fundamentals of determining the return on investment for your online marketing efforts.

If you would like to see this speaker live, or be invited to see any of our other valuable feature presentations live and get the opportunity to meet the speaker contact this speaker by email.