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If you’re trying to win online you better
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have the Underground Playbook, Dotcom Secrets. Selling products and services should be a requirement if you want to make money online.

Do you have any knowledge of a sales funnel? Russell Brunson is a master marketer and storyteller. Click funnels is an amazing tool for sure but you need something like the dotcom secrets book to teach you about a marketing funnel.

It’s a good idea to have the Russell Brunson book in arms reach as a guide. Many solutions to online marketing are discussed in dotcom secrets and his other Expert Secrets book.

As first I thought the book would be catering to just affiliate marketing but I now see it covers much more than that. There are many things that can be used across the spectrum of online marketing and Russell Brunson is not holding back on the value! This dotcom secrets summary is just a shadow of the book!

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