Online marketing – Prodejní Funnel. Jak postavit Prodejní trychtýř a k čemu to je.

Prodejní funnel nebo též trychtýř je řada kroků, které vedou vaše návštěvníky k cíli a to je prodej. Má to několik částí a v každé se děje něco jiného. Např. v první části prodejního funnelu, trychtýře, přivádíte návštěvníky na vaši cílovou stránku nebo-li též Landing Page. Cílem Landing Page je získat kontakt a ten získáte výměnou za obsah, který nabídnete.
Už i v této části využíváte reklamu a retargeting.

HUGE SAVINGS on Online Marketing Tools

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I edit training videos, to have easy access online for myself, but everyone is free to benefit. I have spent hundreds of hours seeing these trainings and hate it when I forget how to do something and it takes a long time to find out which video and what part of the video has the information I need especially when you are trying to figure out how to create a website from scratch.

If you want to see the full videos you can go to Builderall USA or Builderall Bootcamps YouTube Channels.

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Create Lead Magnet Funnel

How to use Builderall Pixel Perfect Builder

How to Use MailingBoss autoresponder

Builderall is the easiest and most affordable website builder for a beginner to use. This is based on my experience with WordPress and Clickfunnels. You usually get WordPress from web hosting companies like dreamhost digital ocean namecheap a2hosting liquid web Hostinger Hostpapa Namehero Greengeeks Bluehost Siteground HostGator and GoDaddy. Not only do you have to learn about wordpress plug ins but you may still have to purchase a website builder like Dive Elegant themes, Elementor, or Brizy.

Builderall has email marketing which for most people can replace other platforms like Get Response, Aweber, SendGrid, Zapier, Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp. You can even consider replacing your eCommerce like Shopify and WooCommerce. You can host your courses so you wouldn’t need Teachable or Udemy anymore.

I am sure if you are reading this description, you are interested about making money online and you will figure out how much things cost. Facebook chat bot, email marketing with autoresponders, and eCommerce each cost at least $40 per month for the bare minimum. If you are doing a decent amount of business, each of these things will cost over $100 per month each. Just do a google search for Shopify pricing, SmartEngage pricing, Get Response pricing, Constant Contact pricing, Teachable pricing. You get all these things with Builderall for one low price with no limits. Just imagine the money you can save.

Both WordPress and Clickfunnels are great, but not exactly the easiest to use and training is not easily found. Builderall’s FREE training gives you the steps to create a website from scratch. Builderal is up there when you talk about the fastest way to build a website. Building a complex website from scratch doesn’t have to be hard anymore. Learning how to make a website is easy with Builderall.

Is email marketing effective, does email marketing work? Discover why email marketing is important still. Builderall has one of the best email marketing services. Best place to get training with email marketing examples on how to do email marketing for beginners, how to create an email list, why email goes to spam. Learn how to do email marketing effectively using Email marketing basics, with strategies to improve your email marketing conversion rate. Discover the email marketing benefits of how to build an email list using email tags. Find out why email goes to junk and how to stop it.

It would take to long to talk about how awesome Builderall is so I will only share my favorite feature. I like how I can connect upto 15 domain names so you can have 15 different websites with SSL certificates. I paid $110 just for the SSL certificate with GoDaddy, just imagine 15 of them and that doesn’t count the price of the actual website hosting. If you do affiliate marketing, then you can have 15 different websites (sales funnels) for each product you promote.

If you are a beginner on how to make a website, you should definitely get Builderall. For all the things you get, the price of the business plan is a steal.

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Step-by-Step Affiliate Marketing for Passive income

A complete affiliate marketing system you can use to start making passive income online today. Get your free checklist and email marketing guide to get started now.

From the first video, you know how powerful this affiliate marketing system is and how I was able to 4X my affiliate income in less than six months. In this video, I’ll walk you through the entire sales funnel from setting up your landing page to automating the system for passive income 24/7.

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This is the kind of thing they don’t show you in those six-figure blogging income reports, the detail on how money is really made online. I’ll guide you through this affiliate marketing course and show you how to implement it today to start making money fast. This one work from home strategy has meant all the difference in creating my online business and I know it will do the same for you.

To set up this email marketing system, I’ll be using ConvertKit to automate the sales funnel and make money 24/7. Get your free trial on ConvertKit to set up your first funnel and follow along with the videos.

This is an entire affiliate marketing course in two videos and it’s all free. I’ve used this sales funnel system. I’ve seen it used by other bloggers. It will work for you to make money. I guarantee it.

If you haven’t start your blog yet, I negotiated a special rate with Bluehost for webhosting. Use this link to get your blog online for less than $3 a month.

1:08 The Affiliate Marketing Funnel that Makes Money 24/7
2:18 How to Create a Landing Page for Email Marketing
4:19 How to Use ConvertKit to Automate Your Funnel
5:57 Setting Up Email Marketing for Affiliate Sales

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The Most Effective Online Marketing Sales Funnel – This Will Increase Your Conversions

The Most Effective Online Marketing Sales Funnel That Will Increase Your Conversions Online

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As a marketer since learning this effective online marketing sales funnel from my friend and mentor (Misha Wilson), I will say, this has by far had the most impact on my business in the most positive way.

My conversions have nearly tippled.

My mentor calls this “The Magic Slot Machine”.

A well built sales funnel… or “Magic Slot Machine” is the single most valuable asset you can have in your business…

It’s what will take traffic… and turn it into money… which is in the end, what we’re all after.

In today’s video I will break down the exact anatomy of a well built online marketing sales funnel looks like, and show you exactly how each component works together to build on each-other.

Now if you have never heard of an ascension style sales funnel, or even a sales funnel for that matter then read on:

There are six main parts of a well built sales funnel:

1. Lead Magnet

2. Thank you page

3. Trip wire

4. Core Offer

5. Profit maximizer(s)

6. And Follow up

In this video, I’ll be running through each of these topics and why they all play a very important role in your marketing.

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How To Start Online Marketing In 2019 – QUICK AND SIMPLE

Online Marketing is the future, what are you waiting for?

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✌️ About this channel Hi, I’m Rick! I’m an 18 years old online entrepreneur from Venezuela (yeah, that’s right) and my goal is to become an online marketing expert and millionaire before 30. Since I’m from Venezuela. I think online marketing is the key to my financial freedom and to my dreams to become a reality so on this channel I will be documenting my progress as well as different methods I try to make money online to help others who share my vision.
By working online you can work from anywhere and whenever you want, that’s the definition of financial independence itself! so I invite you all to follow me on this journey and put into practice what you learn so you can make some money with me 😉

Affiliate Online Marketing sales funnel stages

Affiliate marketing sales funnel steps that will give you tips and tools to begin online marketing and Amazon affiliate marketing.

How to make a great Website:

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Funnel Marketing richtig – Die Funnel Mastery

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Funnel Marketing – wofür ist das eigentlich gedacht? Und für wen eignet es sich überhaupt?
Ganz egal, ob du Online Marketing, Dropshipping, Content Marketing oder was auch immer machst. Funnel Marketing eignet sich wirklich für jeden.

Doch wo bekommt man diese Funnels eigentlich her? Wir haben etwas erschaffen, das wirklich jedem hilft. Die Funnel Mastery zeigt dir genau, wie du mit Funnel Marketing alles richtig machst.

Unsere Funnels sind optimiert und eignen sich für Software wie Funnelcockpit, Clickfunnels, usw.

Klicke einfach oben auf den Link und schau vorbei.

Deine Marketing Minds – Sven und Tommy



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Sven Hansen gehört zur absoluten Performance Marketing Elite im deutschsprachigen & internationalen Raum. Er hat in seiner Karriere mehr als 1 Mio Euro in Online-Werbung gesteckt. Sven Hansen ist “DER EXPERTE” wenn es um das Thema Traffic geht. Mit seinen einzigartigen Werbekampagen und Strategien hat Sven es geschafft in den internationalen „2 Comma Club“ aufgenommen zu werden. Der „2 Comma Club“ ist eine Auszeichnung für das erreichen von 1 Million Dollar Umsatz über einen Salesfunnel! Gemeinsam mit Tommy hat Sven bereits über 56 erfolgreiche Produktlaunches in unterschiedlichen Nischen begleitet.

Tommy Seewald ist Experte für Funnelmarketing und gehört zur absoluten Affiliate Marketing Elite im deutschsprachigen & internationalen Raum. Tommy hat in seiner Karriere Funnel konzepiert und gebaut die weit mehr als 10 Mio Euro umgesetzt haben. Mit mehr als 25 erfolgreichen Affiliate Projekten hat er es geschafft in den internationalen „2 Comma Club“ aufgenommen zu werden. Der „2 Comma Club“ ist eine Auszeichnung für das erreichen von 1 Million Dollar Umsatz über einen Salesfunnel! Seine Erfahrung hat er durch über 56 erfolgreiche Produktlaunches in unterschiedlichen Nischen.