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Born and brought up in Varanasi (Banaras, India), Anupam was fully aware of his family heritage. He knew his family had moved from Pakistan over a century ago and set up a business of Banarasi silk sarees in the prime area of Banras. Originally, these sarees were inspired by the Mughal and Persian crafts men. In fact, Anupam has restored some traditional sarees that have Persian designs as thread work.

But, growing up Anupam wanted to move out of Varanasi and work elsewhere. He did pursue the aspiration of moving outside Banaras for better oppurtunities. But, even after he completed his higher education as an engineer, he couldn’t last in a field of work that didn’t excite him.

Varanasi seemed chaotic but he knew he loved the trade of silk sarees and so he came back and joined the business. Only to open a new avenue for this historical set up. He started retail for their long existing wholesale business and that too on an online marketplace. He set up a Banarasi silk saree online store on Amazon and named it after his daughter, Asavari. Today, he manages the whole online set up while other members of his family continue to depend on him for direct customer feedback.
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