The TRUTH About Selling Digital Marketing Services [REVEALED]


Let’s talk about the ultimate cold hard truth. If your business doesn’t provide true value, then you’re just making noise in the marketplace. But, in order to provide true value, you really need to know your customers.

I know what you’re thinking.

If you’re a brand new company, this certainly sounds like a Catch-22. How can you provide true value to customers you don’t have yet? How can you build relationships, focus on their desires, qualify their business, and then dissect their wants and needs when they don’t exist?

Well, this is where everything you learned in school goes out the window, because it’s something you’re constantly going to be working on and improving and you’re never “done” growing and understanding your audience.

The short answer to this dilemma is that you have to go where your potential clients are gathering and get involved. Then you need to build your products or services around their wants, needs, and desires.

Most people create a product, then find an audience, but that’s a little backwards. How can you create a product for an audience that doesn’t exist? The more you work on fostering these relationships, the more value you can then create.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

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How To Sell Digital Marketing Services [The 3 Questions You Must Ask]

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