Marketing Without Selling | Ep 57 | Give Value In Your Digital Marketing Promotions

How do your market without selling
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via Digital Marketing? People don’t like to be sold to whether in person or via online marketing!

Your digital marketing offers and tutorials have to give value first to take future prospects out of defensive mode (Integrity is necessary.) This holds true no matter if you’re trying to sell products on Shopify or you have had thoughts of selling on Instagram.

Selling online for beginners typical is related to prices and spammy links all over social media. No matter if you want to give online courses tips or share a digital marketing agency promo a connection with people goes a long way.

Ask questions of your audience to build a connection and then later down the line you sell digital products online. Start by offering something like a digital marketing tutorial online free. Digital marketing connections are much bigger than the money you make when you sell digital products.

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How to Market Online? Ecommerce Marketing with Adam Pearce | Shopify and Selling Online

How to market online? ProfileTree welcomed Adam Pearce of Blend Commerce to our studio to discuss online selling, Shopify and much more.

The Blend Commerce co-founder, speaking via a Zoom video link, shared some of his Shopify and online marketing expertise.

He began by outlining the specialism offered to businesses by Blend Commerce, who simply aim to help companies make sure their Ecommerce offer is “the best it can possibly be”.

“We sometimes say we’re a holistic team as, when we started the business, there were Shopify developers and Shopify marketers. However, there wasn’t really anyone you could go to who could say ‘look, we can actually help your business from business planning stage all the way through to that marketing piece.

“As a marketer I joined Peter who is a developer so we can offer that full package, so when a client comes to us and they say ‘we want to really grow our business this year’ it might be that one client is going to get a newly redesigned Shopify store with marketing.

“Or it might be that they have a great Shopify store but they aren’t using the data and information they generate from that to market it effectively.

“So when people come to us, we’ve got a team of lots of different people in-house. We have a team of people who’ll help a business grow online and are always going to be using Shopify as the Ecommerce platform of choice.”

Adam explained why Shopify is seen as such a pivotal platform by Blend Commerce and its clients.

“Shopify is quite an interesting story as it was started out by a group of developers who are also snowboarders. They wanted to start selling snowboarding equipment online.

“If you were a business looking to sell online it was very much geared up for bigger businesses and massive investment with loads of technical skill needed. He said ‘there needs to be an easier way to do this so guys like us can sell online’.

“What he did was take a coding language called Ruby on Rails and adapted that and wrote his own coding language called Liquid. Off the back of that they were able to build their own platform to enable them to sell their snowboarding products online.”

The Blend Commerce explored the importance of marketing as an essential activity to make sure products being sold using an Ecommerce platform can reach the right audiences.

“We have a story blog on our website about a hotel in the desert. If you imagine a beautiful hotel with great food, great entertainment and great drinks and all that kind of stuff you’d expect, imagine that in the middle of the desert with no roads.

“If you have a fantastic asset and you haven’t got the routes to get people to it then, frankly, there isn’t any point.”

To explore these topics, and many more, see our full ProfileTree video interview.

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How to Market Online? Ecommerce Marketing with Adam Pearce | Shopify and Selling Online