Online Marketing for Retirement and Senior Living Communities

In this episode of #Coffee Talks, Kara Inglis, Agency Strategist at Nextiny Marketing and Frank Herold, VP of Marketing & Sales at Freedom Senior Management discuss the evolution of Frank’s “Marketing Mix” after embracing software and digital marketing efforts in the last decade.
Frank has been working in the retirement industry for 30 years and has been exposed to a variety of marketing and sales strategy. After teaming up with Nextiny, embracing online marketing, video, and helpful marketing and sales software, Frank discusses the results he’s seen over the last 8 years at his retirement communities and ultimately closing at a higher rate.

Online Marketing. A Necessity in Today’s Industry – by Gene Guarino

Years ago, when we were doing business, the Internet didn’t even exist. Before there was an internet, we had things like the yellow pages and phones that we would dial with a rotary dial. The world has changed, and if you don’t have a website for your business, it’s as if you don’t even exist. Your website is the first place that somebody’s going to search to find you so first impressions really do matter.

Marketing online begins with having a name, logo, and a website. Your website needs to look good. Your business has to have a name, and then choosing logos or even the font style that you use are all critically important to your success. When you have a website but didn’t connect those dots through Google, it won’t know how to direct people to you.

You also need to use a SEO, Search Engine Optimization or keywords. When somebody is searching online, they put in keywords like: assisted living, elderly, or senior housing. If your website has the proper keywords and SEO system optimization, and it’s optimized properly, people are going to be able to find you easier. Most people don’t understand that, even in this industry, the ability to be found electronically is critically important to your success.

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