How To Use Canva: FREE Graphic Design For Online Marketing

How To Use Canva: FREE Graphic Design For Online Marketing

How To Videos, Cheat Sheet Infographics, Email Templates, Ad Copy Scripts, & MORE!


Use this FREE Graphic Design tool called Canva to make you look like a rockstar when creating images for your business & clients!

Canva –

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How To Create a Solid Online Presence – Smart Marketing Strategies 2019 | OnlinebizBooster

Want to build your online presence but feeling overwhelmed? In this video, I’ll show you how to create a solid online presence for your business and how to build a brand online.

As a business owner there are numerous ways to increase your sales and better market yourself and your abilities. Your website might be amazing but nobody will find it unless you work out a proper online marketing plan.

The quickest and most profitable way to get your idea out there, into the big wide world and reach a whole new audience is through online marketing.

This lecture is going to provide lots of strategies to promote your business, get more clients and drive traffic to your website. Every business owner wants more clients. While there are many ways to attract more customers, keeping existing ones is equally important.

In case you don’t have any products and just want to get started with an online business, I still suggest you study this lecture.

Would you like to join our community for free and get much more including support, tools, and exclusive stuff? If yes, then visit my website – – and follow the simple steps.

For easy navigation use the links below:

1:05 – Know your audience
2:00 – Create relationships
2:01 – Be engaging
2:47 – Give value
3:25 – Under promise and over deliver
4:06 – Be transparent and vulnerable
4:48 – Create a sense of belonging
5:32 – Build a personal brand
6:46 – Build your business with content marketing
7:04 – Content is everywhere
8:10 – Create high-quality content
9:40 – Blog posts
10:36 – Video is the future
11:14 – E-book as a lead generation tool
11:57 – Infographic as a visual representation tool
12:33 – Tell a story through a presentation
12:54 – Discuss information in real-time with webinars
13:43 – Increase conversions with landing pages
14:18 – Repurpose your content
15:30 – Outsource the time-consuming tasks
16:05 – Be everywhere
17:16 – Consistency is the key
17:36 – Promote your content
19:05 – Develop a sharing schedule
19:21 – Signatures and descriptions
19:40 – Facebook
20:25 – Twitter
20:49 – LinkedIn
21:03 – SlideShare
21:14 – Youtube
21:38 – Pinterest
21:56 – Instagram
22:14 – Quora
22:56 – Reddit
23:27 – Mix
23:41 – Tumblr
24:23 – Find complaining people
25:24 – Grow your business with email marketing
26:03 – Build an email list
27:49 – Build a sales funnel
28:51 – Conclusion

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On-page SEO: From Beginner To Advanced 2019

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Local Business Marketing Strategies to Dominate Small Businesses in Your City

More local business marketing resources below:

When you own a brick and mortar shop, it’s tough to come up with local business marketing strategies that will truly leave a lasting impact on your small business.

Direct mail and signage can only go so far. The world has moved to online marketing and as a small local business, you need to move with the trends or get left behind.

This video goes in-depth into 4 small business marketing strategies that you can use to grow your business. Whether you’re a new shop or one that is considered a historical landmark, you need to stand out from the crowd by making yourself visible online where your customers are.

A few of the strategies discussed in this video include building social proof, local SEO, and Facebook advertising.

You’ll learn how local business marketing is actually much easier than marketing to a global audience due to weak competition.

Put these tactics into action and you might just become the next big thing in town.

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The Ultimate Local SEO Checklist to Dominate The First Page of Google –

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$0 Digital Marketing Plan For Small Business & Online Business

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No matter what industry you’re in: real estate, financial, sales, home improvement, providing tangible or intangible SERVICES, selling a products, whatever it is, I’m gonna share with you ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGY FOR 2019 YOU SHOULD SERIOUSLY CONSIDER:


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Jumpstart Online Marketing, SEO and Social Media | oGoing Local Business Network

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Small Business Local Online Marketing – Clicks Magazine Issue 39

In the latest issue of Clicks Magazine:

5 Killer Ways to Amp Up Your Local Marketing

Local marketing isn’t easy. No kidding, right? Marketing a local, brick-and-mortar company requires a mix of online and in-person marketing. If your marketing isn’t getting the job done right now, it could be because you’re not hitting the right notes with your campaigns. Maybe you feel scattered – or maybe you’re just not sure which strategies should be in your marketing mix. Read on because we’re going to dive into 5 ways you can amp up your local marketing in 2018.

How to Approach Social Media in 2018

The social media landscape seems to change constantly. Facebook is constantly adding new features and tweaking their algorithms, and even people who use social media to market every day sometimes find themselves wondering how to keep up. The key is not so much trying to stay on top of these changes as it is getting a handle on what your marketing goals are. So – what is it you want to accomplish in 2018? Let’s start there.

Calculating the Value of a Lifetime Customer – What You Need to Know

Attracting new customers is the most important marketing goal you can have… Right? That’s what you’d think based on the way a lot of people approach marketing. Brace yourself, because the opposite is true. You’ll get the biggest bang for your marketing buck if you make retaining existing customers a priority. Are your long-term goals might be suffering as a result of your current marketing strategy?

Upgrading SSL for Beginners – Why This is a Must for 2018!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard something about upgrading your site with SSL. It’s been in the news a lot. But what does it mean? If you’re confused about SSL and why it matters, you’re not alone. A lot of entrepreneurs are wondering whether they really need to worry about it – and what to do if the answer is yes. So, let’s break it down.

Don’t be fooled by online marketing companies – Know Your Stuff

Don’t let online marketing companies fool you. Online marketing takes time, money, expertise, and good content. You can’t succeed with online marketing without knowing what you are doing.

So there are some marketing tips and a way you can know more about online marketing

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Online Marketing Strategies For Small Business ($500 Dollar Days!)

Online Marketing Strategies For Small Business ($500 Dollar Days!) (Biz Overview/$1,000 Gift Card) (Mail Postcards & Make Money)
These online marketing strategies for small business can work for any work from home opportunity.
When it comes to small business marketing I have found simple ways and online marketing tips to help others make money with ease.
In this video Online Marketing Strategies For Small Business ($500 Dollar Days!),I discuss the 3 most important things you need to do to get steady and consistent results.
I have used these 3 internet marketing tips and they have allowed me to earn as much as $800 dollars in a single day.
The concept is simple,I consider this the holy grail for small business marketing 101 success.
These are newbie friendly marketing 101 ideas I learned from Tony Robbins years ago.
You can search marketing tips 2019 as well as marketing strategies for small business for more related videos on the topic.
Other ideas can be found in small business 2019 searches as well.
With the programs listed above,getting mlm leads will be a thing of the past.
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Online Marketing Machine by L4L

Your product and services need online marketing in order to have success. Learn about what is in the online marketing machine to build great traffic to your website for better sales. For a copy of the PowerPoint presentation with the links click here: