How Online Marketing can Increase your Business ROI

The most common question from small-medium businesses is what are the major benefits of doing online marketing.

One of major benefits of online marketing is the ability to MEASURE your marketing efforts.

There’s nothing worse than spending a ton of money and not being able to figure out what’s going on.

As John Wanamaker (1838-1922) once famously said:

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”.

Thanks to digital, it’s now easier than ever to measure exactly what’s working and this is exactly what I cover in this video.

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How to Market Your Window Cleaning Business – Marketing ROI Online Course

How to Market Your Window Cleaning Business – Marketing ROI Online Course

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Starting and running a small business is extremely challenging.

Trust me I know.

There are times when we are so stressed out that we feel paralyzed.

If your trying to make more money in the window cleaning game.

Or your frustrated and don’t understand why anyone would even consider paying to have their windows cleaned.

I know how you feel. Still today I have to pass on jobs because the price is too low.

I believe my new book cuts through a lot of the clutter and really explains the misconceptions about the window cleaning business.

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And thank you thank you thank you
So much for pursuing your dreams for your family and yourself.

I believe and you and thanks for believing in me.

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“The Art of Marketing Your Services Business Online”-Book Update April 2019

This video explains the background to the update I have just carried out on my 2016 book, “The Art of Marketing Your Services Business Online: How to Get New Clients With a Proven, Inexpensive 5 Part Digital Marketing Strategy”

I have made 2 significant tweaks to the strategy to reflect changing circumstances.

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The Art of Marketing Your Services Business Online: How to Get New Clients With a Proven, Inexpensive 5 Part Digital Marketing Strategy

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Frank kern | Dan Kennedy Interview Discuss, Making Money Online, How To Market, Digital Marketing

Frank kern, Dan Kennedy, Interview Discuss, Making Money Online, How To Market, Digital Marketing, Sales, List building

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Online Marketing Basics for Small businesses & Beginners – DIY Guide

Online brand building resources:

Digital marketing case studies and success stories:

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Major video highlights on digital marketing for small businesses and beginners.

1. Google my business
What’s GMB?
It is a free tool from mighty Google which helps businesses build their presence on Google Search and Maps. Listing your business on GMB is pretty easy. All you need is a Gmail ID to get started.
Why Google My Business is important for small business owners?
The most important place people are using today to look for products or services is Google Search and Maps.

How to use GMB to grow business?
You can promote events, products, services, and offers using GMB posts feature. Make use of this amazing feature to grab the attention of potential customers.
Using online reviews, you can build authority of your business. People can review you on GMB.

2. create a website
Why does your business need a website?
A website is digital home of your business. A website is a representative of your business online. It provides information about your business, products, services, expertise and everything else important.

3. Create social media profiles:
One out of four humans has a facebook account. Since billions of people are using social media websites, why not use these platforms to promote your business.
Social media sites help business owners connect with potential customers and creates window of promotion on a personal level. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are some popular social media profiles.

4. Start creating content :

focus on creating and distributing content which is valuable, relevant and consistent. Only such content will attract people towards your business.

5. Get on review sites:
90% of consumers claim that online reviews influence their buying decisions. People are more likely to purchase a product or service that has already been recommended by others.

This marks the end of our video on Online marketing basics for small businesses. If you have more questions on digital marketing, share them in the comments section and Team Upreports will answer them. Need help in taking your business online but don’t have time? Don’t worry, we will do it for you! Send us an email at to connect with us.

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Online Marketing for LOCAL Business (How to use Digital Marketing to Grow your LOCAL business)

Online Marketing for LOCAL Businesses (How to use Digital Marketing to grow your LOCAL business) //
If you want to start using online marketing to attract local customers to your business, use these marketing strategies that give you digital marketing for your small business. This video will show you how to use localized search, local SEO, and local business marketing. Local marketing, and marketing ideas for small business – in particular, your local business is a great way to attract customers that are local to your area. . We cover 5 online marketing strategies that are specifically for small business marketing, and local business marketing strategies. If you own a small local business, then these marketing strategies will be the best for you because they use local business marketing online strategies. For these or other small business marketing tips (including Facebook advertising) check out other videos linked below or on

This video is developed and produced by digital marketer Mallory Graham of

After watching this video you’ll know exactly how to grow your local business using online marketing to attract more local customers.

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Marketing Strategies for Small Business (5 Steps to Creating the Best Marketing Strategies)

Digital Marketing Basis for Beginners (How to Get Started with Digital Marketing in 2019)

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4 Easy Steps to Marketing Your Local Business Online

Getting more people to your storefront used to be hard before the Internet, but not anymore. Through 4 steps you can get more localized traffic.
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Step #1: Get into the local pack. When you perform a search for any localized term you’ll notice a map at the top and 3 localized listings. You want your business to be placed within there.

By setting up Google My Business you are likely to get placed in there. Just submit your business name, address, and phone number.

Step #2: Optimize for localized SEO. Under the local pack are organic listings, you can also be placed there.

Place localized keywords within your webpage. Make sure you also include your address, location and contact details on your website.

Once you do that ask your local chamber of commerce to mention your business. By getting localized links you will rank higher for local keywords.

Step #3: Increase your click through rate. Having a well-placed listing doesn’t ensure you will get traffic.

Generate more reviews so you can get more clicks. You can do this by asking your customers to leave reviews online.

Also, use schema markup so your listing stands out. If you are using WordPress the Yoast SEO plugin will automatically add schema markup.

Step #4: Don’t rely on Google. Use sites like Tripadvisor and Yelp to get more local traffic. Encourage reviews on these sites and do whatever you can to satisfy customers.

When someone leaves a bad review, take their feedback to heart and work on improving the experience for future customers.

My Best Marketing Strategies for [2018] | Creative Growth Plans for Business

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2018 is going to be an exciting year.

The analysis on how much money we’re spending to generate the traffic and here’s what’s crazy, most people don’t realize this, we generate, let’s say a million visitors a month on Neil Patel.

Do you know what the cost to get there is with video, production, podcasting, blogging, promotion, ads, link building?

$110,000 a month.

That’s what it averaged out to for 2017.

Here are my marketing strategies for 2018.

I just bought a blog in the marketing space for a half a million bucks.

They get a million visitors a month, and it’s cheaper to spend money acquiring people who already have the traffic.

So in 2017, I bought Uber Suggest, I think it was around 140 grand.

They had very little traffic.

I 381 redirected the site, traffic increased and guess what happened?


I hoped that my traffic would go through the roof, but nothing happened.

Uber Suggest was a good acquisition and what I ended up learning from that is, who cares about links?

Don’t buy anything for the links.

Buy it purely based off of traffic and just pay a simple metric.

If Uber Suggest has roughly 200,000 visitors per month, I paid a hundred and something; I would have paid 200 grand, the money didn’t matter.

For a blog that I just spent half a million on, their traffic ranges.

On a horrible month, they’ll get around 800,000 uniques.

In a perfect month, they’ll get around, like, 1.2, 1.3 million uniques, and all I’m doing right now is buying as many blogs as possible.

My marketing strategy for 2018 is to buy blogs based on of traffic.

I look at the top posts that they have and how qualified their visitors are and determine if I can successfully monetize their content.

I don’t even care if they have revenue.

If they don’t have revenue, even better.

The problem with Search Engine Journal is that they have conferences, they have advertising, and they have contracts for all of it.

I don’t care for any of that.

I just want the traffic.

So when you buy all these people for traffic and then you put it into your monetization flow, you can quickly figure out, what is this worth?

If I can’t make my money back in less than 12 months, I will not buy it.

The other marketing strategy that I use when I’m buying these sites is to look for blogs that aren’t monetized well.

The blog that I ended up buying for half a million bucks, they’re not even making three grand a month.

If you’re not even making three grand a month, that’s a good deal, right?

They’re like; you’re going to give me half a million dollars for this?

No problem.

Another creative marketing strategy I’m doing right now, is trying to buy a really popular marketing tool.

I don’t want to pay them all the money they’re asking for because they want well into the millions, and it isn’t worth it.

But, I’m trying to work out a deal where I give them X amount of money up front, let’s say a million dollars, and then give them a hundred thousand a month over X amount of months or a hundred thousand a year over X amount of years.

When I see inefficiencies in sites, I figure I can purchase them and double the revenue because they aren’t optimized for traffic or conversions.

So buy it for what it’s worth, optimize it, and then use the profits to pay them out continually.

That way you’re not using all of your money and the business is paying, you may have spent a bit more money, but personally, you don’t have to spend as much money, and that’s my marketing strategy for 2018.

My goal is to spend at least $5 million acquiring businesses purely based on their traffic.

If you need help or have questions about online or digital marketing or of you’re a small business looking for help, leave a comment or question below and I’ll personally answer and help you in any way I can!

How To Use Canva: FREE Graphic Design For Online Marketing

How To Use Canva: FREE Graphic Design For Online Marketing

How To Videos, Cheat Sheet Infographics, Email Templates, Ad Copy Scripts, & MORE!


Use this FREE Graphic Design tool called Canva to make you look like a rockstar when creating images for your business & clients!

Canva –

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How To Create a Solid Online Presence – Smart Marketing Strategies 2019 | OnlinebizBooster

Want to build your online presence but feeling overwhelmed? In this video, I’ll show you how to create a solid online presence for your business and how to build a brand online.

As a business owner there are numerous ways to increase your sales and better market yourself and your abilities. Your website might be amazing but nobody will find it unless you work out a proper online marketing plan.

The quickest and most profitable way to get your idea out there, into the big wide world and reach a whole new audience is through online marketing.

This lecture is going to provide lots of strategies to promote your business, get more clients and drive traffic to your website. Every business owner wants more clients. While there are many ways to attract more customers, keeping existing ones is equally important.

In case you don’t have any products and just want to get started with an online business, I still suggest you study this lecture.

Would you like to join our community for free and get much more including support, tools, and exclusive stuff? If yes, then visit my website – – and follow the simple steps.

For easy navigation use the links below:

1:05 – Know your audience
2:00 – Create relationships
2:01 – Be engaging
2:47 – Give value
3:25 – Under promise and over deliver
4:06 – Be transparent and vulnerable
4:48 – Create a sense of belonging
5:32 – Build a personal brand
6:46 – Build your business with content marketing
7:04 – Content is everywhere
8:10 – Create high-quality content
9:40 – Blog posts
10:36 – Video is the future
11:14 – E-book as a lead generation tool
11:57 – Infographic as a visual representation tool
12:33 – Tell a story through a presentation
12:54 – Discuss information in real-time with webinars
13:43 – Increase conversions with landing pages
14:18 – Repurpose your content
15:30 – Outsource the time-consuming tasks
16:05 – Be everywhere
17:16 – Consistency is the key
17:36 – Promote your content
19:05 – Develop a sharing schedule
19:21 – Signatures and descriptions
19:40 – Facebook
20:25 – Twitter
20:49 – LinkedIn
21:03 – SlideShare
21:14 – Youtube
21:38 – Pinterest
21:56 – Instagram
22:14 – Quora
22:56 – Reddit
23:27 – Mix
23:41 – Tumblr
24:23 – Find complaining people
25:24 – Grow your business with email marketing
26:03 – Build an email list
27:49 – Build a sales funnel
28:51 – Conclusion

Thank you for watching! If you enjoyed this video, this is the next one in the training series you should watch now: [LINK]

On-page SEO: From Beginner To Advanced 2019

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