Online Marketing For Small Business

Online Marketing For Small Business. Today I am giving to you – 3 Great Tips for online marketing for small business. — MAKE SURE TO WATCH THE FIRST 4 MINUTES !!

This is well worth the watch as you may pick up some great ideas for your social media marketing campaign or your email marketing campaign.

Today the world revolves around the internet and a lot of this is digital marketing. If you can create a strong social media marketing strategy you are going to do well.

I have devised up 3 great tips for small business owners and you should use them all wisely. Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. are all great platforms for you to showcase your small business to everyone!

Online marketing for small business is something that greatly matters to myself as i am a small business. I am working on generating email leads to help build the brand along with a host of other strategies.

I get asked a lot of the time by people that are getting started in online marketing. What do I need to do and i really hope today’s video will give a good insight in what you need to do to get started.


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How to Build a Content Calendar for your Online Marketing Strategy

As you develop your online marketing strategy, you’ll first decide what content you’ll commit to creating, then you’ll choose the best online marketing platform mix for your small business, and then you’ll begin to plan your content for your strategy.

So, once you have your content ideas identified and categorized, it’s time to insert all those content ideas into your content calendar.

Listen in to learn more, including how and why to create a flexible content calendar to work with and why to place your “hard dates” into your calendar first.

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Eli Rose Social Media works with small business owners and independent professionals to grow online through social media, SEO, social media ads, and blogging.



7 Steps to Power Up Your Small Business Online Marketing

Just runnnig a small business is hard enough—right? Is your head spinning with all the things it takes to really be effective online? Are you overwhelmed by the work it’ll probably take? So, you throw up your hands, just stay put with your website and a nearly dormant Facebook page, and call it good? What are you getting from it? Almost nothing—right?

To really move the needle, you’ll need to add more to the mix. It won’t cost you much at all, but it will take dedication, time, and persistence. Take them, one at a time, and keep chipping away. You’ll see things begin to happen.

Watch the video to see details of these seven small business digital marketing steps.

#1: Establish your Unique Value Proposition—or UVP.

#2: Survey your customers and contact list to learn what they love and what to improve.

#3: Prioritize your digital goals, so you can build a solid strategy.

#4: Leverage everything with keywords. Use free tools to understand the keywords and phrases that are likely to produce results for you, and pepper them throughout your content.

#5: Load up your blog, social media, and video content with useful information, and barely touch on a sales message.

#6: Tap the power of YouTube as a place to ramp up your following and recognition of your authority.

#7: Get started! It doesn’t cost much at all, but it takes consistent effort over time.

While these seven steps are a solid start, there are plenty of other ways to power up your digital marketing strategy even more. So, if all this sounds inspiring, but feels a little daunting—or maybe a lot—check out my digital marketing company website to and let’s talk about how we might work together get you on the right track and lighten your load.






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