The Truth About Online Marketing & Are Social Media Ads Working For All Small Businesses?

Many people find online marketing confusing and don’t see the results they expected. In this episode, Christo and Franziska uncover the truth about online Marketing and the two most common mistakes business owners make! They also discuss how to make meetings as efficient as possible! Additionally, Franziska explains why Instagram and Facebook ads might not be ideal for businesses with a very niche target audience. 

02:02 The Truth About Marketing 

06:57 Are Instagram & Facebook Ads working for a small target audience? 

10:06 Weekly Social Media Wednesday Live Session

10:45 Book Recommendation: Meetings Suck & And How To Make Meetings more efficient 

15:36 Word of Wisdom

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Online Marketing Consistency equals Growth – And More Video Adventures

HI Mark here!

This video came about after a 45 minute filming session for some website products, that turned out to be a complete waste of time, as I explain!

But I did learn something from the experience.
It taught me not to give up or become despondent about having got nothing from the session and that it was good practice.
It also taught me to keep going, not to give up and to be consistent!

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7 Reasons why your Online Marketing Isn’t Working

Ready to throw in the towel when it comes to your online marketing? Do you think your efforts to use social media, blogging, SEO, email marketing and your website are fruitless?

Before you give up, listen in as I cover 7 questions to ask yourself *before* deciding what to do about the future of your online marketing.

– Are you participating in your online marketing?
– Are you consistent with your online marketing?
– Are you utilizing your chosen online marketing methods effectively?
– Have you given your online marketing enough time to work?
– Is your messaging confusing?
– Are you targeting your target customer?
– Do your online marketing methods align with your ideal clients?

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