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A strong online marketing strategy will help you boost your business.
We combine responsive web design, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, local SEO marketing, manage citations, reputation management and paid advertising.
Local Marketing Plans $199 – $249

Small business owners look to Tactical-Moves for affordable marketing solutions to help compete with large companies.

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The Truth About Online Marketing & Are Social Media Ads Working For All Small Businesses?

Many people find online marketing confusing and don’t see the results they expected. In this episode, Christo and Franziska uncover the truth about online Marketing and the two most common mistakes business owners make! They also discuss how to make meetings as efficient as possible! Additionally, Franziska explains why Instagram and Facebook ads might not be ideal for businesses with a very niche target audience. 

02:02 The Truth About Marketing 

06:57 Are Instagram & Facebook Ads working for a small target audience? 

10:06 Weekly Social Media Wednesday Live Session

10:45 Book Recommendation: Meetings Suck & And How To Make Meetings more efficient 

15:36 Word of Wisdom

Online Marketing

How to attract customers – 3 online marketing strategies coming your way tomorrow.

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👩🏽‍💻New to this and just need to know the steps to start implementing? The Sequencing Formula will give them to you. (Video Training) https://feliciastreeter.com/sequencing

👉 Get more tips, tricks, and strategies to grow a solid contracting business at www.feliciastreeter.com

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An attractive reputation that will make you not easily forgotten.

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Online Marketing For Small Business

Online Marketing For Small Business. Today I am giving to you – 3 Great Tips for online marketing for small business. — MAKE SURE TO WATCH THE FIRST 4 MINUTES !!

This is well worth the watch as you may pick up some great ideas for your social media marketing campaign or your email marketing campaign.

Today the world revolves around the internet and a lot of this is digital marketing. If you can create a strong social media marketing strategy you are going to do well.

I have devised up 3 great tips for small business owners and you should use them all wisely. Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. are all great platforms for you to showcase your small business to everyone!

Online marketing for small business is something that greatly matters to myself as i am a small business. I am working on generating email leads to help build the brand along with a host of other strategies.

I get asked a lot of the time by people that are getting started in online marketing. What do I need to do and i really hope today’s video will give a good insight in what you need to do to get started.


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Introducing the Constant Contact online marketing platform

Introducing our expanded online marketing platform, designed to help small business owners, side-hustlers, nonprofits and individuals like you to do more — and grow more — than ever before.

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Online Marketing Doesn t Have to Suck

I was doing some competitor research yesterday and was looking at a bunch of digital marketing agencies. This whole experience reminded me why I’m reluctant to call myself a digital marketer, because of all the annoying trickery that too many digital marketers employ. But it doesn’t have to be this way! You can still be a real, likable human, even when interacting online.

Section 3 Online Course / Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners in the Philippines

Day 1 Part 1 Section 3
Success Quotient

Join me in my Facebook Group for Filipino Small Business Owners who want to apply Digital Marketing on their businesses here.

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Diego wants you to succeed. As a business person like you, he knows that there are many elements to make a business work. Here, he breaks it down for you so that when you go through the course, you have a solid grasp of the role digital marketing has for your business.

Online Marketing Made Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy – Marketing Bar & Boutique by Mariposa

Most small business owners know that a good web and social media presence is important, but they often don’t know the best practices nor have the time to do it. Laurene Rodriguez started the Marketing Bar & Boutique by Mariposa in order to take on that role so business owners can focus on their passions.


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Do I really need online marketing for my business?

We are always asked by business owners “do I really need online marketing?” website, email, social, SEO
Common complaint “I don’t see any results from it”
Only about 8% of B2B is “closed” online
The quick answer to the question Do I really need online marketing for my business?
is yes.
Why is it important to have a strong online presence?
– 80% of people do online research about a business before they buy
– 70% of their buying journey is complete based on what they find
– You are seen negatively if you don’t have a strong online presence
– You can directly interact with you target audience
– You reach a lot of people much cheaper than most advertising
– You can reach a lot of people quickly
– You can track responses and stats
– Online marketing helps with Google ranking

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