3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Copying Your Competitor’s Digital Marketing Strategy

You have competitors who are larger than you, so shouldn’t you just copy their digital marketing strategies if you want to succeed? NO!

Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m going to share with you why you shouldn’t copy your competitors business plan.

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#1: You don’t always know what’s happening with your competitor’s business

For example, just because they have a similar product to yours you don’t necessarily know why people prefer their product over yours. Online marketing is really tricky this way.

There could be something special about it, or they could have been in the marketplace so much longer that they build up so much brand credibility that they can get away with pretty much murder while you can’t, right?

#2: People make their changes based on opinions.

You don’t want to make changes based on opinions. You want to make changes based off of facts. A lot of times, your competitors are doing changes to their websites just because they feel like they want to do those changes. They have that gut feeling that this is going to work for them. Well, gut feelings don’t necessarily create multiple million dollar companies or billion dollar organizations. Data does. You want to use data to make changes on your website. That’s why I use CrazyEgg whenever I make changes on my website. I’m continually using it to run split tests. If I just copy someone it’s not necessarily going to work for me. I got to run tests to see what works for my audience.

#3: You’re different than your competition.

You need your own unique selling proposition especially with social media marketing. If someone’s already bigger than you copying them won’t make you bigger than them. You gotta be different, and by being different you need to create a unique selling proposition.

So, for example, if they’re a really big corporation, like I used to have a agency when I was younger and I used to compete with iProspect. iProspect would say, hey, we work with big brands like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. Well, you know, a lot of people would come to me and be like, Neil, why should we hire you instead of iProspect? It shows in their job posting that hey, you get to work on accounts like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. Well, on the flip side, if you work with me, you’re ging to talk with me.

You get that personalized experience, right? That was my unique selling proposition. I’d be like, “if you call me, you know I’m going to be picking up, and I’m going to be the one helping you”. I’m going to be the one who’s held responsible for your results, and they like that. I put myself in a different position than my competitors.

Did I ever beat them in size? No, but by making myself different and standing out I was able to grow my business much faster.

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Eines seiner Werke ist das Buch “Der Online Marketing Manager”. Darin erklären viele verschiedene Online Marketing Experten und Expertinnen welche Fähigkeiten und welches Wissen ein klassischer #OnlineMarketingManager haben muss.
Neben diesem Grundwissen erfährst Du in diesem Video, wie Du Deinen Content für Social Media effizient gestaltest.

🔥 Die Motivation #OnlineMarketing bzw. Social Media zu machen sollte sowieso schon vorhanden sein.
🔥 Vertrauen in die Mitarbeiter zahlt sich aus
🔥 Bei einem Projekt gilt es sich auszuprobieren, da können auch schon mal Sachen schief gehen.
🔥 Signale für eine fähige, interne Online Marketing-affine Person sind eine eigene Fanpage oder andere Erfahrungen im Bereich Online Marketing

🔥 Wenn es um authentischen Content geht sind viele Unternehmen aus dem Mittelstand noch nicht auf der Höhe.
🔥 Dabei muss im Social Media Content nicht jeder Kanal bespielt werden.
🔥 Einfach eine, Internen die Kamera in die Hand drücken und beispielsweise Storys von einer Messe drehen.
🔥 Das Problem ist, dass viele Unternehmen noch in verkrusteten Strukturen denken.
🔥 Die Content Strategie wird dabei selten dynamisch benutzt.
🔥 Auch hier gilt wieder: Authentizität ist ein Muss.

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How to do Online Marketing: Learn in 10 Minutes a Successful online marketing strategy

How to do Online Marketing: Why AIDA model is the best strategy for top marketing professionals. By Ravi Kumar, Founder, Modlingua: Basics of Online Marketing, AIDA Model, E-mail Marketing, Blogging, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing and Overall strategy for a successful online marketing strategy.

Elias St. Elmo Lewis, American sales pioneer is mainly credited for developing the AIDA model. The ‘AIDA’ is an acronym used inmarketingand advertising, stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire and the Action.

The buying process of a product or service is not one single action but involves various cognitive stages, an individual goes through before taking a decision. A buyer goes ‘to and fro’ at each stage to support one’s own final decision.

With the online and digital marketing, advertising has become more and more competitive and sophisticated but the basic philosophy behind advertising remains the same. The consumer has become increasingly discriminating, but to convince people to take an action, one has to grab their attention, create their interest in the product or service, and then persuade them to take the action such as buying the mentioned product or service.

Preparing a business plan for promoting short term professional courses for Modlingua using the AIDA model will not be an easy task, though this is a classic technique used in sales and has proven effective for countless. With the incredible and increasing choices of interactive devices, platforms and channels, it has become very challenging to develop a marketing plan and strategies.

But as it is said “ Don’t limit your challenges ,Challenge your limits !”, will try to get down to craft the plan using the AIDA model, a system that offers a coherent framework to follow, and increases the chances of getting the desired response.

The concept of selling a professional course to the language professionals is deeply relevant and timely in today’s increasingly comparative world. The plan will start with the writing an ‘attention-grabber’ heading, keeping powerful words or concepts that would immediately create resonance within the desired audience to grab their attention.

Knowing that Social media has permanently transformed the way people connect and share information, the maximum advantage of it will be taken to promote the business.

The information will be announced under the brand name, of Modlingua, which has a carefully established prestigious position in the industry. With this attention-grabbing head line and small impactful description about the program, the presence of Modlingua will be increased further and wider on the internet.

‘Interest’ will be generated by talking about a common problem or need that exist in this field and the associated emotions of the people . A well written article about the same will be published or the links of already existing articles will be shared with the audience on the multiple social media platforms to increase the presence of the organization and its followers who identifies with what is communicated with regards to the program.

The audience’s attention, once captured can be retained by deepening the connection with the business objective by informing, educating , and entertaining the audience around one of their most pressing problems. This will surely spark an emotional reaction towards your mission.

Now, once the online attention and interest of the audience is achieved the reinforcement of an intense ‘desire’ should be generated by communicating the benefits of the program to them. Benefits are emotion based and by eliciting them, a strong ‘desire’ to join the program can be generated.

The last step is known as “call to action,” where the audience will be enunciated about the expected ‘action’ with a blend of brief benefit verbiage, even though they are already stated earlier.

To conclude, I would like to say that, this business plan which is Emotion-based and benefit-driven marketing, will create mutually rewarding relationship and will benefit both, the customer and the organization.

Key words :AIDA , Attention, interest, desire , action , marketing , audience, social media, language professional