I’m Back! Online Marketing, Coaching, and Motivation!

Yes! I’m back! And I’m giving away FREE 30-minute phone consultations to help you, which will help me build back my channel! Absolutely a win-win for both of us!

This is a VERY limited-time offer, but if you would like some help getting started with online marketing, WordPress, email, Clickfunnels, or anything else along those lines get in touch soon!

I don’t know how long I can make this offer, so act now while it’s still available!

More about me…

I have been involved with marketing, training, and technology, most of my adult life. I’ve been kind of retired and lazy for the last few years, but I’m back!

I’ve been doing ok in my little condo in Minnesota, but I’m getting very interested in having a nice place down south for the winters and I am not as comfortable financially as I’d like to be to make that move.

So in order for me to make that happen, I want to help you make whatever you’re looking for, happen.

So I’ll be posting all sorts of great stuff here on YouTube and other platforms, with the goal of helping others who are looking for some help in their own financial goals. I’ll be doing coaching , consulting, training, and motivating people who need help getting started or pushing on.

So be sure subscribe and hit the notification bell so you’ll be notified each time I upload a new video and check back often as I build this youtube channel!

Introduction to Digital Marketing – Demo Session – Online Class

A demo session on Introduction to Digital Marketing conducted online.
In the session, we have covered the following topics

1) Basic understanding of Marketing
2) Deriving Digital Marketing through Marketing
3) Role of Media in Marketing
4) Digital Marketing Media Categories
5) Digital Marketing Techniques

If you want to learn Digital marketing from expert trainers, you can reach us: enquire@letzlearnacademy.com

Learn Digital Marketing in Tamil:

Digital Marketing Fast Intro – https://youtu.be/5_u8sRBR7Tw
Digital Marketing Intro-contd(Digital Media) – https://youtu.be/gMWjLqMOCWg
Digital Marketing Jobs & Future: https://youtu.be/ngi6FwqpluE

Website: https://www.letzlearnacademy.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/letzlearnacademy
Instagram: @letzlearn_academy

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