SSP003 Online Marketing for Small Business with Lori Lyons

Solopreneur Success Podcast Episode SSP003
Online Marketing for Small Business with Lori Lyons

Marketing remains the lifeblood in every business.

But many business owners forget – or never learn – the absolute #1 thing behind every successful marketing program revealed in today’s episode.

You’ll discover exactly what it is and why it’s key to making sales and getting referrals.

Plus, you’ll also hear…

– Why it’s ok to reinvent yourself
– Why websites are important in the age of social media
– The rewards & dangers of social media for businesses
– The best platform for engagement
– First steps for new business owners
– Why you should push the bruise then bring the healing
– Where to find your first clients
– And an important mindset shift that may be needed for solopreneurs to get to the next level

And a little bonus… Steve and Lori go on a mini-rant about two big gotchas to watch out for in local networking groups.

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The OFFICIAL Guide to Starting a Digital Marketing Agency (2019)

The OFFICIAL Guide to Starting a Digital Marketing Agency (2019) /// Interested in starting a digital marketing agency? You’ve found the right video! This is Digital agencies 101!

If you’ve ever found yourself repeatedly asking, “Should I start an agency?” or even more importantly, “Should I build a digital agency in 2019?”

Well, the answer is ABSOLUTELY OVERWHILMINGLY yes.

Marketing agenvy startups are a lot easier to build than you think – that’s why there are so many of them. But the thing is , if you actually deliver on your promises, you can blow everyone else out of the water.

My first ad agency startup, I learned a lot, and I want to share that info with you. I’ve recently started a new agency, and we hit 6 figures in only 3 months. We know this stuff!

Starting an online marketing agency is super fun, but still requires a lot of work. In this video I’ll be discussing several ways you, as a solopreneur or even someone with a team ready to go – how to start an ad agency and understand all the types of agencies out there.

Solopreneur ideas for sure. Let’s build your digital ad agency startup NOW!

We cover all basis in this – from Google Ads to how to start a Facebook ad agency in 2019!

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Online Marketing Consistency equals Growth – And More Video Adventures

HI Mark here!

This video came about after a 45 minute filming session for some website products, that turned out to be a complete waste of time, as I explain!

But I did learn something from the experience.
It taught me not to give up or become despondent about having got nothing from the session and that it was good practice.
It also taught me to keep going, not to give up and to be consistent!

If you are a Solopreneur looking to get your message out there and need help with Tools, Strategies, Systems and all the sort of stuff that most small business owners have to deal with… Then please Subscribe.

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DOMC – Dein Online Marketing Coach – Intro 02

DOMC – Dein Online Marketing Coach – Intro 02 Intro Video.

Daniel Schenk stellt sich als Dein Online Marketing Coach vor.

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Digital marketing is the profession of running Facebook, Google or YouTube ads to generate sales. You’d typically be spending a company’s money on ads and proving your success with a conversion rate (how many sales you get for how much spending). It’s how most of marketing is done today and no colleges teach it.

We did not pay Justin or reward him in anyway. He took his time to be a guest because he wanted to help us out.