Online Marketing – Avoid these 7 Mistakes!

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Here’s the video summary.

1. There are three things you need in order to make money online. First is a profitable product to promote. Second is an effective sales funnel. And third is visitors to your website (traffic). These 3 is what is called the Online Marketing Trinity.

2. If you are missing out on one of the items in the Online Marketing Trinity, then you won’t make big money online, and you’ll also end up committing one of these mistakes.

3. These mistakes are…
a. The Dead Market – If you pick a niche/market that has no demand, then everything would be much more difficult.
b. The Hopeful Blog – not having any product to promote.
c. The Spammer – this is the wrong way of promoting online because you don’t make use of autoresponders.
d. The Advertisement Blackhole – ouch! Don’t spend on ads if you haven’t tested your sales funnel yet.
e. The Traffic Junkie – don’t end up getting distracted by the hundreds of ways to generate traffic. Just focus on 1-2 and build momentum there!
f. Giving up too early – This is a business and results will take time. It’s going to be worth it though!
g. Trying it for free – Don’t be stingy when it comes to your learning and to your business. Invest in good tools, software and training to speed up your ROI.

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