How to Sell Consulting Services Online ($5,000) | How To Sell Digital Marketing Services

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Hey! If you’re new to the channel… my name is Joe Dufresne (a.k.a. YoungEntrepreneur01 & Paid_With_Joe)

I own a online business value at 2.6 Million dollars & making $40,000+ per month. I help Agency, Consultant, Coach, SMMA & Real Estate Agent get more clients online by setting up wildly profitable Facebook and Instagram ads campaign.

👋 About My Facebook AD Agency : My name is Joe Dufresne. I started creating Internet ad campaigns & marketing funnel in 2016.

It’s literally an obsession. Which is why I founded my marketing & ad agency, GetSocialMediaLeads.Com

My mission there is to take the incredible power of the Internet and give it to small “Main Street” entrepreneurs so they can get more customers and have more profit.

My team and I believe that if more small businesses & entrepreneurs succeed then the entire global economy can be improved.

Which means more …for everyone.

After 4 years of creating successful Internet marketing campaigns, I’ve learned two major things that can help you:

1. What they taught you about marketing (if anything) in school is dead wrong.

2. The real money is in mastering the basic fundamentals and keeping it simple.

Any business, regardless of size or type, can get customers from the Internet and if you’d like my help – I’d be delighted.

Drop a question or a comment below and I’d be happy to answer.

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I am showing you How to Sell Consulting Services Online ($5,000) | How To Sell Digital Marketing Services

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Online Marketing for Dummies!

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How I became a Freelance Entrepreneur using only my laptop and an Internet connection without having any “tech skills”

How To Learn Marketing Skills — Starting A Digital Marketing Agency From Scratch | #285

In today’s episode I talk about how to learn marketing skills and explain how starting a digital marketing agency from scratch might not be as hard as you think it is.

Top digital marketing agency | Digital marketing agency

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Advertising Defined, What’s It Great for And How An Online Campaign Can Actually Conserve You Big Bucks

A variety of definitions of marketing exist however the best I have actually discovered yet to cover what marketing is can be summed up in the following 2 declarations:

advertisement – ver – tis – ing n.: The activity of bring in public attention to an item or organisation, as by paid announcements in the print, broadcast, or electronic media.

Also specified as “the non individual interaction of information through different media, paid for by the marketer and is typically persuading in nature about the requirement to purchase services and products” – the marketers naturally.

Marketing your business’s services and products to your targeted audience is important to preserve a long-term and prosperous relationship. If you’re not continuously winning your clients over than the competition will.

So, What Does An Advertising Agency Do?

If your company can afford it an advertising agency will truly help you allocate. Ad agency spend all day simply doing marketing for various organisations. They will currently understand the cost/thousand numbers of the numerous media available in your location, they’ll also have an excellent idea of what will or will not work well for your type of service. This will come at a cost but will absolutely be the short track to your companies success, unless your time is unworthy much to you, and because case proceed and waste it if you ‘d like. (:–) An effective marketing campaign will highly depend upon how the advertising agency has actually designed your ads; for that reason I have actually offered the following assistance.

Tips For Choosing An Advertising Agency 1) The popularity and credibility of the advertising agency 2) The charges/ work provision of the advertising agency 3) The working effectiveness of the advertising agency

The durability and overall success of your business can be acquired by the help of a great advertising agency conserving you precious time and huge amounts of cash need to you not know what your doing.

The Most Recent Types Of Advertising

Now a days advertising on the web has actually ended up being a popular and efficient tool to promote and reach your target audience. Known as digital advertising, pay per click marketing or internet advertising marketing, the advantages are substantial. Thinking about the expense savings of understanding ahead of time what the customer action of one ad over the other is will be necessary info to a great ad project.

With an online marketing campaign you have the instant advantage of testing of your project rather than waiting till it’s over with traditional media. Through text ad programs like Google Adwords for instance you can have a project up and running within minutes to evaluate how well numerous words will be clicked. You can than test this more to guarantee the clients that are going to your site are the type of consumers you desire and not just “tire kickers” so to speak.

Once your online ad campaign is able to draw the ideal clientele you’ll be in a much better position to introduce an offline, more pricey standard style marketing campaign.

An online advertising agency can assist you plan, design and execute web advertising of your products and services to take the confusion out of the web if online advertising is brand-new to you.

Many marketing careers exist and have for years. With the arrival of the web obviously a brand-new stream of marketing profession has been opened up for those desiring to work from their computer rather than the conventional face to face approach. Myself, I suggest a combination of both online and offline for overall success of your organisation.

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The OFFICIAL Guide to Starting a Digital Marketing Agency (2019)

The OFFICIAL Guide to Starting a Digital Marketing Agency (2019) /// Interested in starting a digital marketing agency? You’ve found the right video! This is Digital agencies 101!

If you’ve ever found yourself repeatedly asking, “Should I start an agency?” or even more importantly, “Should I build a digital agency in 2019?”

Well, the answer is ABSOLUTELY OVERWHILMINGLY yes.

Marketing agenvy startups are a lot easier to build than you think – that’s why there are so many of them. But the thing is , if you actually deliver on your promises, you can blow everyone else out of the water.

My first ad agency startup, I learned a lot, and I want to share that info with you. I’ve recently started a new agency, and we hit 6 figures in only 3 months. We know this stuff!

Starting an online marketing agency is super fun, but still requires a lot of work. In this video I’ll be discussing several ways you, as a solopreneur or even someone with a team ready to go – how to start an ad agency and understand all the types of agencies out there.

Solopreneur ideas for sure. Let’s build your digital ad agency startup NOW!

We cover all basis in this – from Google Ads to how to start a Facebook ad agency in 2019!

This is starting an agency from scratch for dummies 2019 – Let’s go!

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Why Digital Marketing Agencies Fail – Know Your Numbers

Most Agency Owners Are Flying BLIND because they don’t know their numbers…

It’s literally like flying a plane without being able to see the instruments.
Sounds scary and kinda dumb, right?

Well…that’s what most agency owners are doing with their business.
90% of online entrepreneurs operate with a “spray and pray” philosophy, trying to make as much money as possible without actually understanding what their numbers look like. This is a recipe for disaster.

If you want to build a real business that can grow autonomously, you need a tool to help you visualize everything that’s happening inside the business, with concrete numbers, in real time.

In today’s video, I’m going to give you a simple but powerful tool called the Dashboard that we help our students inside Profit Paradigm install to get massive clarity inside their company.

The Dashboard is a simple, powerful system to grow your business and take the anxiety out of running the company. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s clarity!
I literally ripped this right from the inside of our Profit Paradigm accelerator for agency owners. If this strikes a chord, leave a comment below. And if you know somebody who’d benefit from implementing this, make sure to share it with them. This is important stuff.

Finally, if you’re interested in learning more about how we help agency owners reclaim their freedom and scale to $50k/mo with proven systems (and a lot less stress), you can learn more here:

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Digital Marketing Consulting | How to Sell Content Marketing Services

A short video guide: How to Sell Content Marketing Services
Full-training is here –

There is so much information available about content marketing. At the same time, your clients understand so little about it. How are you supposed to sell a premium service to a client that doesn’t understand the service? Let’s talk about that in today’s video.

Hey, it’s Alzay Calhoun with Coveted Consultant. I’ve met some people that are really passionate about content marketing. I’m assuming that’s you. There’s a real rub between your level of passion and the level of passion that your client has to buy content marketing services. How do we close that gap?

Here’s a classic deliverable for content marketing, writing blog content. Before you go out and start writing content for clients, let’s be sure on what the process is for delivering the highest level content possible. You want to display your services as an order of steps. Show your client the flight path to get them to the end result that they actually want. Acknowledge where they are. Acknowledge the major milestones. Show them the end result. The end result that they’re after has to have some measurable objective metrics. In other words, once we get through with this process, we know where we’re going to end up and we’re all okay with that. It could just be a number of content pieces, or it could be some level of traffic, or likes, or shares, or other engagement. You can measure however you choose, it’s your company. As we work this process, we all need to know what we’re working towards.

Now, let’s work you backwards. You’ve got the measurable content. You understand that part of the process. Going backwards, you can’t measure anything if it hasn’t been scheduled and published. It’s got to be available somewhere. You can’t publish it if it’s not drafted and approved, and you can’t draft and approve anything until you build the actual ideas.

Your job, inside your company, is to give your client an efficient method for finding the very best ideas. Not just spit balling things on a wall, but helping them find the right ideas for their business. You’ve got to have a process for creating content and getting it approved quickly and efficiently. You need your own process for how to schedule and publish. Show them an editorial calendar and help them chart out how to get that content scheduled in the right way. Now you and the client can sit together and measure those objective measurements. Without this sense of process, then the client doesn’t know what’s happening when. And if you don’t have yourself organized enough, you can’t move them through the stages, and that’s frustrating for everybody.

Another example. Let’s say that your client’s after reach. I mean, they just want a 10x, a 100x. They want their content in even more places. How might you bring that to life? Well, first you need to have some objective measurements here. How’re we going to measure reach? There’s many ways of doing it. How are you and the client going to measure reach? Now you can work backwards.

You’ve got to distribute that content in certain places. What is that process? How do you get that content actually out to the right places? Is it already published? Is this pre-published content or are you creating content to be published, or is it repurposed from old, or from new, or from others? What is this process of actually getting the content available to be distributed?

Prior to that, we’ve got to gather the right content. Again, is this content that we’re making, that they’re making, or is it coming from hard drives, from different people, etc.?

Make sure that you are organized internally to deliver on each of these stages so your client can appreciate you as the professional that you are. If you structure this, then there is the difference between being an average consultant and being seen as a special content marketing company.

Hey, it’s Alzay again. I really hope you enjoyed that video. I realize that things can look really simple, and clean, and neat, and easy when they’re laid out on a whiteboard, but trying to apply these things inside your business can have their own level of frustration. What do you do now? What are your next steps? Well, if you want to watch another video, you can. If you want to subscribe to the channel, you probably should. But if you’re over the information and you want help packaging and selling your unique consulting services, there’s a program that I have and you can get information on that program via free training available right now on this page somewhere. Again, thank you for your time for watching this video, and I look forward to seeing you in the next one.

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How To Get Digital Marketing Agency Clients To Stay Longer

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Jean has made $13000 last month and he is going to share how he built his business and what caused him to get these results. Jean helps business owners with customer acquisition. He is doing everything his clients need to get more traffic and make more sales. Jean uses online funnels to get people on calls and has clients from all over the world.

Some people want to meet up with their clients and run a local business. The main advantage of that business model is that they can build a good relationship with them.

However, Jean prefers the online business model, because that is very time efficient. He cannot afford to waste time in traffic to travel to his prospect. The time investment is just too much for him. Furthermore, he can reach people from all over the world and expand his business internationally.

If you want to keep clients to stay longer you need to have good communication and to make sure you understand what the client wants. Moreover, you need to bring them results on a consistent basis. Their business has to grow and you have to be the reason for their growth. Otherwise, they would not want to stay with you.

What is more, you can schedule a call with your clients that will take place once a week. You can build relationship with your client and discuss future projects.

Sometimes your clients may want something that you usually do not offer as a service. Jean does not want to get involved into projects that he does not offer, because that is a distraction for him. He wants to focus completely on his business, so that he can be able to scale it as soon as possible.

Jean wants to be completely sure that he can provide enough value to his clients. That is why , if he is not capable of delivering high quality work, he does not take the project.

For example, if a client wants a website, Jean would be happy to help with optimizing the site and improve the SEO, but he would not be able to modify the design of the site, because that is not his expertise.

Jean is very picky in terms of the clients he wants to work with. They need to be qualified to work with him. He wants to make sure that if he drives traffic to a funnel, it is going to convert. His clients need to have the right tools and processes in place, so that his work can be of value to his them.

All in all, you have to qualify your clients before you start working with them. If you don’t see potential in your client’s business, do not work with him. It is your obligation to set proper expectations in the beginning, so that your client will not get disappointed.

Easiest $1,000/M Services To Sell As a Beginner Digital Marketing Agency In 2019

This has to be by far the easiest way to make $1,000 per month from home using only your laptop…

In this video, I take a look into a prospect in my area and take you through my thought process before approaching them

Before my approach, I use tools to analyze exactly what it is that they need. The services we’re trying to sell our website design, PPC, SEO, and any other thing that can bring them traffic

Throughout the video, I go over the prospects opportunities in terms of digital, and then I even go in and show you how to help them



Visit my website:

Connecticut SEO Company | Digital Marketing Agency


Digital agency pricing model:

How to start your agency:

How digital agencies will be different in 2019:

Have digital marketing agencies become saturated?

3 easy services you can sell as a digital marketing agency:

Digital Marketing Consulting | How to Sell Graphic Design Services

A short video guide for how to sell graphic design services. Full business model training is here –

One of the major challenges in selling creative design services is that so much of the process is subjective. The end result is subjective and the process to get there can be very subjective. How do you package high level design services when the client can just simply say, “I don’t like it.” Let’s talk about that in today’s video.
Hey, it’s Alzay Calhoun with Coveted Consultant. In this video I’m talking about how to package a premium, creative design services in a way that respects you and the client. Let’s go to the board and look at a few examples.

A common, classic design project is creating a logo, or a mark, for a company to use in a variety of different formats. Let’s start with that one. Again, you know that you’re designing a process that takes the client where they want to be. One of the first things that you can do to help your client feel better and to value the experience is by being clear that it is, in fact, an experience. These milestones are already set in place that will take them where they want to go.

Having a logo all by itself is not really good enough, right? The logo has to be located somewhere. If you just sent them an email with a logo attached to it, then what do they do? You’ve got to put it somewhere probably on their website, for one. That makes sense somewhere in the service that you actually installed a logo somewhere.Going back a step, you’re going to have to draft. Draft a few mock ups, get some feedback, you have to create some examples that they can say yes to. Going back, you’ve got to get down to a core concept. They want a logo that reflects who they are and what they represent. Do you have a process that will nail your client down to a couple of core ideas? Are we talking about shapes, are we talking about animals, are we talking about more eclectic or eccentric ideas?

Once you’re clear here it’s easy to put the new logo where it’s supposed to be because the core concept told you where they’re trying to represent themselves. If you’re clearer on the process, if you’re clearer on the process it’s easier to get to a winning logo that they’re happy about.

Let’s do the same conversation, broader scope, let’s say that you’re not just doing a single logo. Let’s say that you’re doing an entire rebrand. You’re doing an entire suite of images, let’s just assume that it’s across their entire social media spectrum so Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube those are the big ones. Again, we’ve got to make sure that we can quantify, that we have an objective measurement at the end, so everyone can agree that we had a successful experience.

If you don’t have that number, your client can just go, “Uh, we didn’t like it,” and then it’s a flat line for everyone. We know there’s a suite of things that we’re going to create. What’s important about that is when you think about installing it, because clearly if you sent them an email with a bunch of links or a bunch of images for all these different social media properties, good luck with that.

We’re thinking about how that logo would look in the different platforms. How to represent in YouTube, and in Facebook, and LinkedIn, and Twitter. How about the header image? How about the smaller icon? Is there a gravitar that we’re also creating? Etc.

When you draft these things up they aren’t just making a point of view or a yes or a no on one image, they’re making a point of view on how all of those images work together to communicate what they want to communicate. It makes this part of the process even more important. If you can’t nail your client down here, on the core concepts and the core places where they want to put these new marks, then the rest of this becomes complex and not as much fun.

Now, you’ve gotten to that objective place at the end where you can say, “Our suite is installed in a way that represents and reflects our company at the highest level.” Thinking through your services in this way allows you to position yourself as the premium service provider like you actually desire.

What do you do now, what are your next steps? If you want to watch another video you can, if you want to subscribe to the channel you probably should but if you’re over the information and you want help packaging and selling your unique consulting services, there’s a program that I have and you can get information on that program via a free training available right now on this page, somewhere.

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