Online Marketing, Word of Mouth Marketing on Your Business

Stephanie Leffler and Ryan Blair discuss the growth of viral websites like Social Diva and Flavor Pill. Leffler and Blair discuss how these two companies have grown and used the web and viral marketing to gain popularity and an avid following.

Online Marketing & Social Media with Stephanie Beck from SRB Solutions (63 Minutes)

Stephanie Beck owner of SRB Solutions has been working for over 10 years in Sales & Marketing as a Massage & Spa Industry Professional for the top name companies including Biotone, Scrip Companies and Bon Vital, Inc. Stephanie has written in-depth protocols and taught several classes for Massage & Spa Products throughout the US. She has served as a published guest columnist for Massage Today and Marketing Matters. Stephanie also served as part of the Education Committee for ISPA. In January 2011 she and her husband created SRB Solutions an online marketing and social media consulting business utilizing her skills for the Massage, Spa, Chiropractic and Wellness industries. Customers of SRB Solutions achieve quicker results due to the years of experience and understanding the needs of your customers. We know how to connect with your customers and you get that desired result quickly. She and her husband live in San Diego, CA if you have questions about social media or online marketing visit her website or email her