Some people think that earning money online is a hoax. I can understand where they’re coming from because for many years I thought the same thing, but here’s what I found that made me change my mind…



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How To Rank In Google In Just 6 Minutes!

5 Online Marketing Tips- How To Market Your Online Business Like A Superstar

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Online Marketing Tips To Run Your Online Business

Both things you have to focus on are both on and off page optimization. Although both of these facets of SEO are very important, in this post we will be focusing more on the off-page search engine optimization.

Allow me to explain what off page optimization is for anybody who is new. This is how you’re going to get your site to rank in the search engines using methods that do not have anything to do with your site.

And essentially we are referring to the development of inbound links. But one thing you should recognize is that there are many ways to develop these links. In this article we will be covering the top two ways for you to create backlinks to your website.
The 1st method we would like to discuss is the creating of links using site directories.

For those of you who are unaware a website directory is practically the same thing as a search engine, however if you would like to get your site listed in the directories you will have to submit your website to them. And some of these directories can have a great page rank so posting your site to them is a great idea. A thing you may not know is that some Internet site directories can have a huge page rank and getting your website there will definitely help your own page rank. It isn’t just about the page rank though because you will also be judged on how many links in total you have, so be sure to submit to every single directory.
Another link building strategy that’s quite popular is article marketing. Article marketing is an additional great way to create good quality links.

And just like site directories you can locate article directories to submit your articles to that have a good page rank. Most of the article directories which have been around for awhile can have a page rank of at least 5.

This supplies you with some really good quality links pointing back to your site. And if you continue to submit a minimum of one article every day to a bunch of article directories you will see that your page rank of your site is also growing.

We won’t be going through the steps of article marketing here, but you can locate e-books online that will be able to explain to you everything you need to know about article marketing.
Now that you understand backlinks are good for your Internet site, don’t fall for any of those automated backlink softwares promising the moon.

The very last thing you want to do after all your hard work is to get slapped by Google for spamming links all over the web. This isn’t to say that all linking software is bad because it’s not. There are softwares offered that can help to save you tons of time when submitting articles and submitting your site to website directories. These types of softwares are very helpful for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands so they can get more work done in less time. And that extra time you will get can be enough for you to start developing new products and websites.