5 Tiers Of Online Marketing Audiences

Knowing your target audience is crucial! You can save yourself TONS of time and money marketing to the right audience.

Today we look at the 5 common types of audiences and how to target them effectively, and which audience types you should ignore.

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AIMI Online Marketing Newbie Pro Tv Ep 46 | Artificial Intelligence | Prebuilt Marketing

AIMI Online Marketing is the hottest new
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machine learning, artificial intelligence tool, online in 2019! Prebuilt marketing ai has more extensive features than just a social media posting tool.

So let’s just say you can’t afford a social media manager to post to your pages and hopefully build your targeted audience. The object of that is to get more customer engagement and that requires a content marketing strategy.

But what if you can’t afford someone to create a digital marketing strategy or even a customer engagement strategy? This simple truth is that normally you have a major problem but lucky for you today here is a great alternative that provides you with Proof via artificial marketing examples.

Consistency of your social media campaign and content creation go hand in hand regarding your customer engagement activities. AI marketing tools can assist you effectively even if you’re on a budget. This is one of a few Prebuilt Marketing Reviews online that gives social proof.

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The Truth About Online Marketing & Are Social Media Ads Working For All Small Businesses?

Many people find online marketing confusing and don’t see the results they expected. In this episode, Christo and Franziska uncover the truth about online Marketing and the two most common mistakes business owners make! They also discuss how to make meetings as efficient as possible! Additionally, Franziska explains why Instagram and Facebook ads might not be ideal for businesses with a very niche target audience. 

02:02 The Truth About Marketing 

06:57 Are Instagram & Facebook Ads working for a small target audience? 

10:06 Weekly Social Media Wednesday Live Session

10:45 Book Recommendation: Meetings Suck & And How To Make Meetings more efficient 

15:36 Word of Wisdom

Ep. 19 Online Marketing Predictions For 2019

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Introduction To The Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep.19

Episode 19 of the marketing live podcast. Today we’re going to be going over some marketing things that are going to be happening and my predictions for 2019 as far as the online marketing course goes. I am cranking on a guys, it is taking a lot of time so I wanted it done by the first but obviously it didn’t happen but I’m going to keep cranking on it and hopefully we’ll have it done by the end of this month. So let’s dive into episode Number Nineteen, the 2019 marketing prediction.

So we’re going to over six things today in this podcast. We’re going go over website, facebook ads, Youtube ads, paid ads, email campaigns, and of course quality content and how it trumps content in general. So let’s dive in to this podcast.

Mobile Friendly And Simple Website

So basically going over your website, what is so important about your website? One of the big, big things here in 2019 is obviously mobile usage is continuing to increase. So basically you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly. You need to make sure it’s clean and simple and it you need to make sure it’s telling your customers what to do. A lot of times companies in general going, they custom code their websites and it just causes grief, pain and heartache. I kid you not guys, I’ve worked with a lot of different companies and everyone that’s come to me has had a crappy website. It’s not mobile friendly, so make sure your clients, make sure your business and everybody’s website is just crushing it, mobile friendly and loads fast.

Targeting The Right Audience With Facebook Ads

The next thing I want to go over his facebook ads. Now, facebook ads, they are going to continue to increase in cost if you’re not being creative, if you’re not targeting the right audiences and if you’re not remarketing to people and if you’re not using video ads, so what do I mean by being creative? Find fun ways to be creative and fun. Be Yourself, be very transparent and make your ads fun, engaging and creative. If you guys want some simple examples, go check out like Russell Brunson. Go check out some of the stuff I’ve posted on my blogs. I’ve, I can show you guys some simple creative ads that work. The best thing is is if you want to find your target audience, go in and schedule and plan out who you’re going to target, so I say be smart with your targeting, be smart with your research and go in and make a game plan and this is going to help lower your cost per conversion and your facebook ads are going to perform better. So if you use the audience insight tool inside of facebook, it’s a simple way that you can learn more about your target audience and you can definitely cut that per conversion down.

Retargeting Facebook And Instagram Audience

The next thing I want to talk about is actually remarketing on facebook and instagram. Basically you need to be going in and retargeting people that have engaged with your content. So what I mean by retargeting, delivering an ad to them, again, that has a different offer of your product or service. So basically anybody that has liked your page is watched your videos, visited any of your websites. Basically you have the ability to go in and re target them. Currently I’m running a campaign that’s retargeting and it’s actually cut the cost per conversion and half, so making sure that your remarketing across all the platforms on facebook and instagram. This is going to help keep your cost per conversion down.

Running Video Ads On Social Media Platforms

The next thing I want to talk about is video ads, so video ads. Basically video ads have been one of the highest converting tools across the board, so if you’re not running video ads over image ads, you need to be testing this and seeing what works best for your business. So a lot of times people are liking to watch videos. Videos are more engaging than actual images in the long run, and it’s also gonna help build brand awareness for your business. So make sure you guys are using video ads for your business to generate leads and sales for your business. And that’s going to wrap up the section on facebook and instagram. Next thing we’re going to be going over Google ads. In my opinion, these things are always going to work if you guys are Super Smart with your keyword research, so keyword research is going in and making sure you’re going after keywords and terms that are relevant to your business, so making sure that you’re using specific key words and being very strategic with how you’re using your keywords is going to be super effective in 2019.

Marketing Strategy | E02 | Audience Targeting | Digital Marketing Tips | upGrad

A marketing strategy is a business’s overall game plan for reaching people and turning them into customers of the product or service that the business provides.
Marketing strategies have three important functions. Audience targeting is one of them, other two being the market segmentation and brand positioning.

In audience targeting, a marketer recognises its core target audience segment.

In this video, we explain what audience targeting exactly is, how to do the target market analysis and strategies to help you reach the target market to help with your overall marketing strategy.
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Online Marketing | BEST Tips to Build Your Business for Free 2019

[Online Marketing BEST Tips to Build Your Business for Free 2019]
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Are YOU one of the Network Marketers Leaving THOUSANDS of Dollars on the Table When List Building?😱

Hundreds of Network Marketers are leaving THOUSANDS of dollars on the table because they are forgetting all about a very important target audience that they can tap into–because they already KNOW & understand the needs of that audience!

If you’ve been wanting to build an email list for your MLM, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales Business with social media marketing, you can…and I’m revealing not only how to build your email list for free, but I’m also revealing target market that most forget all bout which is costing them thousands–but YOU won’t be one of those people! 😎💵

Remember: You’re NOT just building ONE email list anyway…

You already have two target audiences in your target market: Your target audience of potential customers, and your target audience of potential recruits. What you may market to your customers is very different than the topics you cover as you market to your potential MLM recruits.

…but there is another target audience, that you’ll need to build…

In this video, I’m going to show you the BEST tips to build your business for FREE in 2019 using online marketing & social media marketing. This way your MLM, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, or Direct Sales Business can be healthy, profitable online business with passive income!

0:26 Online Marketing | BEST Tips to Build Your Business for Free 2019: Fearful that the Market is Over-saturated?
1:22 Online Marketing | BEST Tips to Build Your Business for Free 2019: The VALUABLE Target Audience that Most Network Marketers forget…and It’s Costing Them
2:12 Online Marketing | BEST Tips to Build Your Business for Free 2019: How Many Audiences Should I Have, Exactly?
2:55 Online Marketing | BEST Tips to Build Your Business for Free 2019: The Mystery Audience Most People Forget…
3:20 Online Marketing | BEST Tips to Build Your Business for Free 2019: This is the Audience You Can Make Money From–Even When They Say NO to Your Business Opportunity, Products, & Services!
4:03 Online Marketing | BEST Tips to Build Your Business for Free 2019: Why This Audience is MUST to Tap Into!
4:47 Online Marketing | BEST Tips to Build Your Business for Free 2019: How I Make Money From the NO’s–and How YOU Can, Too!
6:28 Online Marketing | BEST Tips to Build Your Business for Free 2019: Your Next Steps to Make Money Online…

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YES, there IS a way to build your business WITHOUT approaching friends & family, and WITHOUT spamming, WITHOUT 3 ways calls & Home parties, and WITHOUT overwhelm! (and even a way to make money from the “NO’s”)
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4 Tips to Increase Your Results in Online Marketing

It’s only day 6 of the #14daychallenge with Ray Higdon and I’ve got some huge takeaways to share with you.

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Targeted Online Marketing Who Are Your Audience

Targeted Online Marketing Who Are Your Audience? Your target audience or target market is very important when marketing your products online. Knowing the target customers allows your to focus in building relevant relationship with them.