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Targeting is KEY in Online Marketing (offline too!). We can provide you the basic tools on a user-friendly, intuitive platform to get your business up-and-going easily and inexpensively.

Tools include online ads, custom landing pages, email marketing campaigns, and social media content marketing — all created and managed on *ONE* single platform at *ONE* single, low monthly cost with *NO* contract — EVER!

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ARE you Confused about online marketing terminology?

Have you heard online marketers speak terms that seem obvious to them, but you weren’t 100% certain you knew the true definition or what they meant?

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Learn more about how to market properly, how to brand, how to build your audience and list, how to have an online asset that can pay you for years to come if you market properly.

How to Create an Internet Marketing Campaign | by Shanna Kurpe

In this video, I introduce myself and and share my expertise in Internet Marketing by walking you through the basic process for creating an Internet Marketing campaign. The Internet Marketing process includes target market research, user-centered web design, search marketing, conversion marketing, relationship marketing and web analytics techniques.

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