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SPM PVT LTD | Hello taxi | online marketing | BENEFICIAL Investment | in hindi


Hello Taxi is an Initiative started by SMP IMPEX Pvt. Ltd., is a taxi service launched on 11 June 2018.
presently working in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida and Greater Noida, the head office for the company is situated in Kaushambi(NCR). The company aims at launching their services in all metro cities in the next 2 years with over 5 lack taxis.
If you wish/want you can help the company by investing under an agreement(MOU) and earn monthly according to the plan you choose for.

NOTE: All the expenses(petrol,drivers,maintenance,etc.) shall be incurred by the company itself.
all you need to do is to collect your monthly rent.

Leaders and Networkers can contact for further incomes and services.

Contact for Details : 8448710340