Fastest $1,000/Month Business In 2019 Using Google | [REAL EXAMPLES]

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Here is arguably the fastest way to make money online using Google as the middleman for businesses

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In this video, I cover what I believe to be the easiest way to get local businesses to pay you. Local businesses need more clients and they generally don’t want to pay for newspaper advertising

Google search marketing is the new eye candy for business owners because of the free clicks, advertising opportunities, and most importantly more leads for their business

I cover some unique ways our digital marketing agency will be servicing clients based on some of the new things Google is releasing



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Have digital marketing agencies become saturated?

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How I Make $5,000 Per Day Marketing Local Businesses

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Hey there,

In this video, I cover exactly how I went from charging $300 per month to receiving payments of $5,000 per month


How To Start A Digital Marketing Business In 2019 [MISTAKES I MADE]

Hey everyone, thanks for watching the new video. The video kicks off a new series on starting/growing a digital marketing agency.

In the next week or so, I will be creating videos specifically for digital marketing agencies and or future agency owners.

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Is It Worth Starting A Digital Marketing Agency? (The Surprising Truth)

Have you ever thought of starting a digital marketing agency? The concept is simple, get customers to pay you to get them, customers.

Using search engine optimization and other monetization methods, you can quickly rack up a bunch of customers to pay you for services.

But is it really worth it? The digital agency model has a ton of ups and downs because of the overhead and obligation to provide results.

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