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What are some of the benefits of building an Online Marketing Business?

People often ask me what the benefits are of building an online business. In this video I explain a number of those.

Come Vendere Qualsiasi Cosa – Tecniche di Marketing | MarksView

Oggi video in giacca e cravatta perché vi parlerò di Marketing. Vi svelerò tre tecniche di vendita che vengono usate molto frequentemente dalle aziende. Volete altri video di questo genere?

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college for marketing vs. starting your own online marketing biz

college isn’t for everyone!

but it FOR SURE (in my (very strong) opinion) is not for marketers.

obviously everyone has their own opinion on this topic, and i respect it !!

but coming from someone with no college degree who’s made multiple 6 figures online in marketing….. with no marketing degree…. and no marketing experience….. did i mention no degree?….

you get the point.

just tryna save y’all the headache & the money that obtaining a marketing degree would cost ya.

your own online marketing biz is sure to cause some headaches and def cost some moolah as well, but (again) in my opinion, it’s worth it 🙂


What’s Better? An Online Marketing Agency or Goods Trading Business?

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If you run an online marketing agency you can travel the world, but it will be without a goal and just for your own pleasure. On the other hand, if you have a trading business model you will have a reason to go and travel the world. You can meet and network many high level people.

Another disadvantage of the marketing agency is that you have to sit in front of the computer at the beginning in order to get your business running. Then you also have to put daily work and if you decide to go somewhere in the world, you have to stay and work in the hotel to keep the business running. Whereas, in the trading business, you can avoid all that and delight the beautiful environment and your vacation.

Trading business is much more appealing than any kind of freelancing business or digital marketing agency. You can get customer anywhere in the world, you can find a great number of product which you can ship internationally, you will be able to travel a lot and meet many interesting people.

The importance of guest experience and online marketing -Africa’s Travel Indaba 2019

The team from Ivory manor chat about the importance of guest experience and online marketing in the hospitality industry.

Italian Online Marketing Assistant Job – Cape Town, South Africa

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The Next Generation of Tourism Marketing – iLandGuide

iLandGuide is a digital travel guide application for smartphone user tourists on vacation islands all over the World. Also it’s a new, revolutionary way for the local businesses to communicate their products and services to thousands of tourists.
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Get Views On Your Youtube Channel Using Google Ads For Online Marketing In 2019

Get Views On Your Youtube Channel Using Google Ads For Online Marketing In 2019

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