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If you are a business owner trying to figure out how to advertise your website, business or product online, you know how challenging it can be. For some, they don’t even understand what is online marketing. They just know if you aren’t marketing online, you are essentially shooting your business in the foot. The big question is how can you best promote your business, engage your audience and turn them into buyers?

The answer is simple: Video Marketing

Video promotion has been around since the first commercial aired on TV. A leading study has shown that a person is 5 times more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video versus any other advertising medium.

While the answer is simple, it’s not always easy. You can try to promote a youtube video but soon realize all your efforts in youtube promotion has resulted in exactly 5 views: you, your best friend, a sibling and your parents- who watched it twice because they want to be supportive.

If you are serious about promoting your business and video marketing, you need a video marketing agency that can make that happen.

This is where Yinc Marketing comes in. They are not just a video marketing agency, they are also a video production and video marketing agency. That means not only does your video get distributed all over the internet, their innovative video marketing strategies guarantee that your video will rank within the top 2 pages of Google’s search results in a very short time. Yinc offers corporate video services to produce your promotional videos from concept, to copywriting and production; a one stop shop video marketing service.

Contact Your Video Marketing Company Today 801-592-1026. You will get a free consultation or visit and learn how effective video marketing strategies to promote your video can bring hundreds or thousands of leads to your website.

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Are you looking for a Video Marketing Company? We create customers with YouTube Videos ads. We also can push videos out through social media.

We generate leads, customers and traffic with our YouTube Video marketing ads. We first create an engaging video that will drive customers. We then locate your target audience and place your video in front of them.

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Yireh Business Solutions – Online Marketing Company

Yireh Business Solutions – Online Marketing Company

Website Design
High Quality Website Designs.
World Class Advertising Videos.
Digital Marketing
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Yireh Business Solutions take pride in giving each client the best possible solution for their individual business needs.

Ep. 19 Online Marketing Predictions For 2019

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Introduction To The Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep.19

Episode 19 of the marketing live podcast. Today we’re going to be going over some marketing things that are going to be happening and my predictions for 2019 as far as the online marketing course goes. I am cranking on a guys, it is taking a lot of time so I wanted it done by the first but obviously it didn’t happen but I’m going to keep cranking on it and hopefully we’ll have it done by the end of this month. So let’s dive into episode Number Nineteen, the 2019 marketing prediction.

So we’re going to over six things today in this podcast. We’re going go over website, facebook ads, Youtube ads, paid ads, email campaigns, and of course quality content and how it trumps content in general. So let’s dive in to this podcast.

Mobile Friendly And Simple Website

So basically going over your website, what is so important about your website? One of the big, big things here in 2019 is obviously mobile usage is continuing to increase. So basically you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly. You need to make sure it’s clean and simple and it you need to make sure it’s telling your customers what to do. A lot of times companies in general going, they custom code their websites and it just causes grief, pain and heartache. I kid you not guys, I’ve worked with a lot of different companies and everyone that’s come to me has had a crappy website. It’s not mobile friendly, so make sure your clients, make sure your business and everybody’s website is just crushing it, mobile friendly and loads fast.

Targeting The Right Audience With Facebook Ads

The next thing I want to go over his facebook ads. Now, facebook ads, they are going to continue to increase in cost if you’re not being creative, if you’re not targeting the right audiences and if you’re not remarketing to people and if you’re not using video ads, so what do I mean by being creative? Find fun ways to be creative and fun. Be Yourself, be very transparent and make your ads fun, engaging and creative. If you guys want some simple examples, go check out like Russell Brunson. Go check out some of the stuff I’ve posted on my blogs. I’ve, I can show you guys some simple creative ads that work. The best thing is is if you want to find your target audience, go in and schedule and plan out who you’re going to target, so I say be smart with your targeting, be smart with your research and go in and make a game plan and this is going to help lower your cost per conversion and your facebook ads are going to perform better. So if you use the audience insight tool inside of facebook, it’s a simple way that you can learn more about your target audience and you can definitely cut that per conversion down.

Retargeting Facebook And Instagram Audience

The next thing I want to talk about is actually remarketing on facebook and instagram. Basically you need to be going in and retargeting people that have engaged with your content. So what I mean by retargeting, delivering an ad to them, again, that has a different offer of your product or service. So basically anybody that has liked your page is watched your videos, visited any of your websites. Basically you have the ability to go in and re target them. Currently I’m running a campaign that’s retargeting and it’s actually cut the cost per conversion and half, so making sure that your remarketing across all the platforms on facebook and instagram. This is going to help keep your cost per conversion down.

Running Video Ads On Social Media Platforms

The next thing I want to talk about is video ads, so video ads. Basically video ads have been one of the highest converting tools across the board, so if you’re not running video ads over image ads, you need to be testing this and seeing what works best for your business. So a lot of times people are liking to watch videos. Videos are more engaging than actual images in the long run, and it’s also gonna help build brand awareness for your business. So make sure you guys are using video ads for your business to generate leads and sales for your business. And that’s going to wrap up the section on facebook and instagram. Next thing we’re going to be going over Google ads. In my opinion, these things are always going to work if you guys are Super Smart with your keyword research, so keyword research is going in and making sure you’re going after keywords and terms that are relevant to your business, so making sure that you’re using specific key words and being very strategic with how you’re using your keywords is going to be super effective in 2019.

Video Ads – Rhoda Online Marketing Services

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Rhoda Online marketing is an online marketing business that creates professional videos and mockups. We will give our customers stunning videos for different niches and for different projects. Our videos are proven to generating traffic and more exposure on the internet and offline for your brand, product, ministry, service, company, or even if you are an individual. As a result of our services, we take our clients idea from paper to awesome videos, from concept to sales, from idea to bank. We help you get it done from creative designs to beautiful Mockups and Videos Ads that get you all the customers you need. We believe our customers deserve the very best marketing tools to skyrocket their businesses.

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BEST Way To Marketing Your Business and Brand Online

Growing an online business is not always the easiest thing to do. That’s why you MUST know how to use marketing to reach success. Here’s how you can do it.

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