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Wie Inbound Marketing und Online Marketing heute funktioniert

BEE CINEMA – Einfach erklärt
Wer im Web genau die Inhalte platziert, die den Interessen und Ansprüchen der Kunden entsprechen, zieht automatisch Inbound Traffic an. Dann gilt es, aus den anonymen Besuchern Kunden zu machen. Hierzu bedarf es zunächst einmal umzudenken, da die Online Welt ihren eigenen Regeln folgt.

#1 Lesson From A $10,000 Consultation With Gary Vaynerchuk About Internet Marketing

What would Gary Vaynerchuck teach a new internet marketer in exchange for a $10,000 consultation? This video reveals the #1 thing!

If you want to see their entire discussion after Eric took Gary Vee’s advice and took action, you can watch the full interview here.

Just to be perfectly clear, I didn’t personally pay for the consulting session with #GaryVee but these lessons come straight from Gary Vaynerchuk and Eric Worre (who did pay for the session).

Now, to be perfectly clear here…

I am not endorsing Eric Worre, I don’t find his teachings to be particularly helpful and I don’t participate in his niche… This isn’t about his teachings, so don’t subscribe to him and be like ‘WTF Miles, are you a MLMer?’

What this is about is the lesson he got from GaryVee and the actions he took after (a video a day for YEARS) that resulted in a large information marketing and event business.

A year or two of hard work with tiny results that EXPLODED him into the training scene as one of the highest paid trainers and speakers in his niche.

I think the most important thing to look at is the actions of Eric Worre and the Network Marketing Pro channel on YouTube because his YouTube marketing game took shape right there in the public’s eye.

Start here with video #1 if you’d like:

Since we are looking at less-than-perfect first videos, how about a flashback to my first video? lol…

I’m stoked that I’m a little less awkward in my videos now! hahaha.

But really, I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is how Eric Worre went from good to great through this process he learned from Gary Vaynerchuk.

He was a ‘good’ network marketer at best… He was not a best selling author. He was not a sought after speaker. He did not run a conference and he did not have any information products.

Within a few years he retired from network marketing to teach ‘how to network marketing’ via info products and live events, full time.

If that isn’t telling about 1) How powerful this kind of daily video can be and 2) how lucrative information products and ‘how to’ content for a niche audience can be…. I don’t know what is.

I’ve said it all here on this channel before… But sometimes it takes hearing another perspective from other greats in the marketing world to really set in.

You have the ability to go from being unknown to becoming the best in the world at anything… It just takes consistent efforts done strategically, over long periods of time.

Content, Video Marketing, and #AskGaryVee | Online Marketing #34

This week we have a Special episode: featuring Gary Vaynerchuk’s work. We look at the latest updates happening from him and why you should be following what he’s up to.

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Was ist Online Marketing ⚖ Recht❓


Das Online Marketing Recht ist eine Querschnittsmaterie, welche unterschiedliche Rechtsgebiete wie insbesondere das Urheberrecht, Markenrecht, Persönlichkeitsrecht, Wettbewerbsrecht, Strafrecht und den Datenschutz tangiert. Es existiert kein eigenständiges Online Marketing Gesetz.

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The Pronouns of Online Marketing

Content written by David Leonhardt, THGM Writing Services,
Video Created by Julie Weishaar, Internet & Video Marketing Specialist,
Pronouns get confusing these days. I have two teenage daughters, and I hear what young people are calling themselves. Girls want to be called “he”. Boys want to be called “she”. Many want to be called “they”. There are homosexuals and heterosexuals, trans-sexuals and pan-sexuals. There are multisexuals and asexuals and multidimensionals and extraterrestrials and who knows what else. Even they can’t keep up. Pronouns are easier in marketing. You have three basic choices: first person… second person… third person…These are called “points of view”, or POV in the literary world. Which one you choose for your website depends largely on what type of writing you are doing. The three types of writing for the Web are: sales copy, storytelling, and task-oriented Write sales copy and task-oriented text in the second person, as much as possible. Use the pronoun “you”. Occasionally, you’ll want to use the first person, which is “I” or “we”. Storytelling is a little more complicated. You would usually use the third person, which is “he” or “she” or “they”. Sales Copy: Selling is all about meeting the needs of the customers. Sales copy is about the customer’s problems and pains. It’s about the solutions to their problems and pains. Write TO the customer. It’s all about the “you” so don’t use “I” or “we”. Task-oriented text: Sometimes people come to your website for something that does not involve buying. For instance, they might want to learn how to do something, to find out who you are, to understand your industry, to contact you, or to apply for a job. Whether informational or transactional, the visitor has guess who in mind? That’s right – themselves. The more you can keep focused on the reader and the reader’s needs, the more the reader will stay interested in your content. Storytelling: Unless you know your visitors better than they know themselves, you are unlikely to tell a story about “you”. Most stories are about a third person, or several third persons. Make sure that the readers see themselves in the story you write. Understanding the different between first, second and third person is important to connect to your users. Understanding when and how to use each is critical to your website’s success.

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Best Video Marketing Course Online Today [into 2019 and Beyond!]

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Best Video Marketing Course Online Today [into 2019 and Beyond!]