Why use video in your online marketing?


All marketers agree that video is the most powerful marketing tool you can have and 2019 sees an even stronger video trend online.

Why is video soooo good?

Here’s just a few reasons why you need video:

1) Video is very visible. Yes, that’s obvious, but a video is literally more visible than just a post, or a document with written words, so it draws people’s attention, and it sucks them in.

2) The human brain perceives images 60,000 times quicker than the written word, which means that we get so much more value from a video than just a written text.

3) Client trust. When we see a person talk to the camera, it immediately creates more credibility and trust, which is very, very important for your prospective clients of course.

4) Our senses. When we hear the music, and we feel the atmosphere, and energy in a video, we’re activating more senses, so there’s actually a chemical reaction going on inside our brains, which creates a heavier impact, and triggers a whole range of things inside of us such as empathy, joy, and even our memory.

These are some fundamental human reasons for why video works.

But then, we also have the more technical reasons, the algorithms.

5) Most social media platforms, including YouTube and Google promote videos and images more than just written posts. If you upload a video, they will push your content forward, and up the line, where more people are likely to see you.

For your business to be seen and found video is gold dust. You will rank higher in searches, and your posts will reach a larger amount of people.

If you want to discuss how we can get your business to rank higher online through video, or if you have any other questions about video marketing or vlogging, do get in touch, and I’m more than happy to book in a chat with you.


Video blogging for business

SEO and Digital Marketing After Effects Template

Download SEO explainer video toolkit http://videohive.net/item/seo-promotion/9766078
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SEO Explainer Video | SEO Explainer Video Toolkit | Internet Marketing | Web promotion Template

We offer SEO explainer video template for your SEO advertising solution. Start your company promotion with SEO explainer video template. This business advertising product comprise of 10 creatively & beautifully designed scenes or presentations that will make a positive impact on your audience. We have created SEO explainer video toolkit in after effects template. SEO explainer video is perfect for any kind of SEO or online marketing businesses.

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CMO4Hire Explainer Video Online Marketing Management Primer 101

Hello … we’re CMO4Hire #CMO4Hire. In this kind-of-cheezy, typical, explainer video, we lightly touch on our analytical and comprehensive approach. It’s a beginner primer on online marketing management. At CMO4Hire we are religious about data. First we analyze. Then we manage your online digital brand with a comprehensive approach. We deliver short-term results (attract web traffic, create leads, increase sales) and a long-term increase in your digital brand equity.

Emerge from the murky ooze of the internet and build a digital brand marketing management system that works. We are an extremely data-driven, customer-focused online marketing agency that works with your team. We create impactful strategic go-to-market plans and accelerate online execution with our monthly bundled services. By getting “under the hood,” we drive real business results by tracking and using data. There’s much more to online marketing than glossy pictures on a website. If you need to take your online marketing to the next level, we can be your Chief Marketing Officer for Hire. Agile, Strong. Be a dragon. fly. #CMO4Hire

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InVideo Review – Online Marketing Video Creator [AppSumo 2019]

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InVideo is an online tool that helps you create marketing videos for you to post on YouTube of Instagram.

Do you need to create videos to promote your brand or your business but you don’t have the time to master Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier?

Well, InVideo hopes to take some of the burden off your shoulders by making it easy for you to upload a script and generate a video ready to be posted to social media.

Does it hold up to big professional tools? Watch the video to find out. I’ll utilize both of InVideos video creation modes to create a video based on a script and another video in a “meme” style with text on the top and bottom.

If you found this video useful, make sure you like and subscribe.

If you have a question about InVideo, leave me a comment below.

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Video Ads for Online Marketing

Video ads are the most effective way to reach a targeted audience. bmax inc creates customized, creative and effective video ads specific to any industry. These videos can be used in all online marketing campaigns, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, email blasts, websites, email signatures and more! bmaxinc.com, info@bmaxinc.com. Thanks for sharing! Always appreciate!

RMO সেলিব্রেশন ১৯-০৪-২০১৯ মহিলা সংস্থা/ Motivational celebration for online marketing achievement.

RMO সেলিব্রেশন ১৯-০৪-২০১৯ মহিলা সংস্থা /Motivational celebration for online marketing achievement.
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