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A pergunta que rodeia a mente de muitas pessoas:
O marketing digital realmente está saturado?

No vídeo de hoje eu vou jogar limpo com você e te falar qual é o meu ponto de vista e minha resposta para essa pergunta.



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Come Vendere Qualsiasi Cosa – Tecniche di Marketing | MarksView

Oggi video in giacca e cravatta perché vi parlerò di Marketing. Vi svelerò tre tecniche di vendita che vengono usate molto frequentemente dalle aziende. Volete altri video di questo genere?

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Why use video in your online marketing?


All marketers agree that video is the most powerful marketing tool you can have and 2019 sees an even stronger video trend online.

Why is video soooo good?

Here’s just a few reasons why you need video:

1) Video is very visible. Yes, that’s obvious, but a video is literally more visible than just a post, or a document with written words, so it draws people’s attention, and it sucks them in.

2) The human brain perceives images 60,000 times quicker than the written word, which means that we get so much more value from a video than just a written text.

3) Client trust. When we see a person talk to the camera, it immediately creates more credibility and trust, which is very, very important for your prospective clients of course.

4) Our senses. When we hear the music, and we feel the atmosphere, and energy in a video, we’re activating more senses, so there’s actually a chemical reaction going on inside our brains, which creates a heavier impact, and triggers a whole range of things inside of us such as empathy, joy, and even our memory.

These are some fundamental human reasons for why video works.

But then, we also have the more technical reasons, the algorithms.

5) Most social media platforms, including YouTube and Google promote videos and images more than just written posts. If you upload a video, they will push your content forward, and up the line, where more people are likely to see you.

For your business to be seen and found video is gold dust. You will rank higher in searches, and your posts will reach a larger amount of people.

If you want to discuss how we can get your business to rank higher online through video, or if you have any other questions about video marketing or vlogging, do get in touch, and I’m more than happy to book in a chat with you.


Video blogging for business

OMR Festival VLOG – Online Marketing Rockstars 2019 – Hamburg

OMR Festivaali Saksan Hampurissa on markkinoinnin kongressi / tapahtuma. Käytiin liikekumppanin kanssa tapahtumassa 7-8.5.2019.

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Starting an Online marketing agency | JB Vlog| Ep 1

Hey peeps, you won’t believe me when I say this is my second youtube channel. My first one was really funny and I deleted it after some time.

This channel will have many kinds of videos and I don’t wanna ruin the surprise by saying everything so wait and see it.

If you have any doubts regarding how to monetize your passion or how you can live your life according to your own rules, follow me on the social media accounts of mine below DM me your question and I will get back to you.

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Neste Vídeo: Como ganhar dinheiro no MARKETING DIGITAL com ZERO INVESTIMENTO



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How A 22 Year-Old Is Building The Biggest Digital Marketing Agency In Europe!

As an Iranian immigrant who started life in an apartment block in Germany, Arian Ney now commands a six figure salary. The 22 year-old is at the helm one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies across the continent, Avone Media, and has taken on TV personalities, bestselling authors, and other industry leaders as clients.

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MCU World is a networking platform where people connect and collaborate to build their brand to achieve success.

Our users explore new ideas, exchange constructive criticism, and work with professionals within their industry.

MCU World is an international gathering of active creatives and entrepreneurs who convert online hours into valuable skills and lasting business partnerships. With content, resources, and opportunities to fit your personal interests, MCU World is your connection to the people you want to be working with, the projects you want to be working on, and the means to pursue your long-term endeavors.

Dirk Kreuter in Florida! Zwischen Alligatoren, Everglades & Online Marketing

Heute nehme ich euch mit auf einen Business & Lifestyle Vlog nach Florida, wo ich auf eine Konferenz von Russell Brunson eingeladen bin, mir Alligatoren angucke und einen Abstecher zu den Everglades mache!

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Der VLOG Komplett Kurs von Clemens Bittner: Der 1:1 Umsetzungskurs mit dem auch Du Profi VLOGs in nur 4 Wochen ohne Filmerfahrung produzierst & Dein Publikum mit Emotionen begeisterst – garantiert!

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At the Traffic and Conversion Summit | Take aways and trends | online marketing | 2019


The Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019 in San Diego is a super buzzy hub for all experts on, in and around digital marketing, 6,000 people, 100 talks and a whole lorra margarita!

This year saw some of the top players of the world, the most famous entrepreneur in the world and one of the best and most cheeky advertisers ever, Richard Branson, the wonderful Jay Shetty who talked about his journey from Monk to Media and of course I was there especially to support GDPR expert Suzanne Dibble from the UK, giving an insight into how E-privacy should be taken seriously or our whole business might just fall over.

I really loved hearing that we’re moving further away from automated click funnels – although we shouldn’t leave them behind completely, we are certainly moving towards a much more personal engagement with our clients and viewers, moving personal video up to a trop priority for anyone who wants to create credibility and trust.

San Diego is a peculiar place, but it was lovely to spend some time in the sun, overlooking the Marina, drinking some serious margaritas and touring the place on a hop-on hop-off bus!

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Video blogging for business

Online Marketing Strategies – AKB Episode 18

In this video I talk about some new marketing strategies for one of my online publications, http://txgarage.com

After researching about the success of websites like Vice, Mic, Buzzfeed, BlazeTV, the Daily Wire, and many more I have come up with some takeaways that I think will help me and the contributors at txgarage really grow.

One of my favorite quotes and takeaways here is from Jason Stapleton:
“People need to be fascinated with you more than the information you’re giving.”