Web 4.0 Internet Marketing (I Know It’s Wrong But It WORKS) | Content Repurposing Strategy

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Web 4.0 Internet Marketing (I Know It’s Wrong But It WORKS)


I have recently discovered Web 4.0 has a completely different meaning from how it is used in the context of online marketing and internet marketing.

The problem is that the way we use the term web 4.0 in online marketing is completely wrong, but this wrong definition is also an extremely powerful marketing strategy!

Watch this video to get a rundown of what web 4.0 stands for, and how this term is used in the context of online marketing. At the end of this video, I’ll also show you a very successful online entrepreneur who has been using this marketing strategy to create his empire.

Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing:

Complete Affiliate Marketing Blueprint


Web 4.0 Internet Marketing
Content Repurposing
How To Repurpose Your Blog Content
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Affiliate Marketing Q & A – What’s the BEST Traffic Source for 2019?

In this video I answer all your questions around affiliate marketing!

Time Stamp:
0:50 Do you have to create a blog for affiliate marketing?
3:10 Should I do SMMA if I don’t have enough money for affiliate marketing?
6:12 What is your favorite traffic source?
8:55 Best way to invest $500 into affiliate marketing?

Be SURE to comment your questions below for next weeks video!

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If you are new to the channel my name is Chad Bartlett and I have been doing online marketing for around 3 years now.

Just a couple years ago I was going to school full time, and delivering food for work.

After 8 months of failure testing out different business models I came across affiliate marketing. Within 3 months I quit my job and dropped out of college.

After thousands of hours of hard work and frustration I have been able to do all of this in the past 3 years from when I started:

– Move out and get my own place
– Buy a 450 hp Camaro SS2
– Become a Marketing Director for an 8 Figure Software Company
– Built up a multi 6 figure affiliate marketing business
– Most importantly do what I love every single day on my own schedule

I don’t say these things to brag but instead to tell you that if you have a dream and your willing to put in the work and do what others aren’t willing to do then it is possible!

I had a 2.3 GPA in high school and had the worst grades in my whole class except for one other kid.

I’m nothing special but I had a dream and didn’t give up.

So if you want to learn more from me and see more of what my day to day life looks like then be sure to subscribe because I try to give out the most up to date real content on online marketing and making money online

See you in the next video and thanks for watching!

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Online Marketing help to increase quality leads

The time of online marketing has completely changed how one does their business. It is important for business owners to keep up with the demands of possible clients by generating qualified leads.

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I spoke to a group of about 200 amazon sellers last year in Las Vegas. One of the sections of the presentation that was well liked was my large list of powerful online tools to help analyze, research, create, track and monitor assets and activity online.

What tools did I miss? Please add yours below.


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The Two Types Of Web Traffic. Affiliate And Online Marketing Business The Two Types Of Web Traffic

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Digital Marketing for Beginners|Digital Marketing Free Online Course[HINDI] | Episode 2

Hello Friends

Let’s us start learning the ethics of Marketing and Digital Marketing from A to Z.So this is my first Episode of Marketing and I am going to teach you Digital Marketing and its categories like:- SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay-per-click advertising(PPC), Email Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Designing using coral Draw & Photoshop and many more things.

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