What is Online Marketing? In Simple English.

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Everyone has heard of online marketing these days, but very few actually know what it really means. Basically, online marketing is where an organization harnesses online channels to spread its message about their products or services to its potential clients.

Lots of different marketing agencies will specialize and preach different things. Some will prefer climbing the search results of Google through search engine optimization (SEO), while others will prefer to reach their target audience by advertising on Instagram or Facebook. There are also email marketing, video marketing…the list just goes on!

While different channels all work, they all have their pros and cons. That’s why we prefer a more strategic approach. To find out exactly what your business needs, you will need to be crystal clear about your brand identity, your business goals, and your customer’s exact needs. Without this, you’ll just be throwing money on different channels and hope for the best.

At SinFa Digital, we follow a CORE strategic framework. Using this framework, we will you define specifically your ‘brand statement’, identify and prioritize your business goals, and find out exactly what your clients need. We will achieve this through a series of prompts.

With this information, we will be able to develop an actionable and effective digital marketing strategy that your company can implement, and achieve accelerated success in the online world!

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The REAL SECRET About Internet Marketing…

Here’s the real scoop on what is important when it comes to marketing any sort of product, service, idea or anything else online…

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Digital Marketing for Small Businesses – Digital Internet Marketing for Small Business

Follow these actionable digital marketing tips for small businesses and reach your potential customers right when they need you. What is internet marketing? This is an online presentation for small business and entrepreneurs which includes a digital marketing definition and the importance of internet marketing for small business.

9 very practical digital marketing tips for small businesses, Plus a bonus section of the tools I use for digital marketing for my clients.

Advantages of digital marketing for small businesses includes social media marketing, video marketing, and SEO.

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Digital Marketing Tutorial: Digital Marketing Strategies in 2018 – Part 2

Digital Marketing Tutorial for Beginners: Digital Marketing Strategies in 2018 – Part 2

In this video, I have explained the various digital marketing strategies like SEO, Paid Advertising, and Social Media Marketing.

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What is internet marketing – Internet marketing Sinhala Lesson 001 – Online Marketing

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In this first internet marketing lesson I show you what is internet marketing. If you still search internet marketing sinhala, e money sinhala you can stop and watch this video and learn what is internet marketing first and then learn how to earn money online with my Nimza Youtube channel.

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