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Marketing Management | Ashmita

Marketing Management | Ashmita

Marketing management is the process of developing strategies and planning for product or services, advertising, promotions, sales to reach desired customer segment.

1. Brand audit
2. Marketing strategy
3. Implementation planning
4. Project, process, and vendor management
4. Reporting, measurement, feedback and control systems
5. International marketing management

What is online marketing?
– When we talk about online marketing, we’re essentially talking about promoting your business online using a variety of channels. And these channels include search, social, video, email, and display. You see, today’s customer lives across these channels and online marketing is about finding ways to be present and stay present at the right moments to capture the customer.

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What is Digital marketing in Assamese | Online Marketing | Online Courses

In this video we have explain Digital marketing in Assamese,

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What Is E Marketing?

What is e marketing? This has confused many folk up until now! In this short but powerful video you will discover just what e-marketing is and some of what it is not simply explained. If you want to make money online with e marketing this is a must see video for you. Also please do your self a favor and subscribe to our everything DIY internet marketing channel for more helpful videos that will help you get geared up for online business success without all the hassle!

What is Integrated Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is an ever-changing field with many moving parts; new trends come and go each day, but is it enough for your brand to just have a website? Or to have just a strong social media strategy?

Not unless they are integrated!

As the popularity of digital platforms continues to grow, Integrated Digital Marketing is becoming more and more crucial to the success of a company’s marketing efforts.

In its essence, Integrated Digital Marketing (IDM) offers an overarching strategic and tactical framework for companies to build meaningful relationships with those who find value in their brand across all digital platforms.

What exactly is IDM? Watch and learn….

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Many businesses understand the need of having some sort of digital presence, whether it be a Facebook page or a Website. But how does one meet the challenges of the growing digital space if their brand’s marketing efforts aren’t integrated?

Today’s consumers expect seamless online user experiences. They’re looking for content that informs, entertains, or otherwise adds value to their daily lives.

They’re looking for Integrated Digital Marketing!

Define and Establish:

The first step in executing an effective IDM strategy is to “Define and

Establish” your brand for the digital age.

Consider this: What are your organization’s target goals? Defining specific

goals that are well thought out and reflect the future direction of

the organization is a critical aspect of the IDM strategic


Convey and Promote:

The second step in an IDM strategy is leveraging digital content to convey your organization’s brand message, product, expertise, and creativity. Organic search, paid search, and social channels are utilized to effectively promote your brand message and content.

Using Paid search tactics such as Google Ad Words will offer your brand numerous ways to micro target prospects more cost-effectively than many traditional forms of advertising.

Connect and Convert:

A successful IDM strategy conveys your brand message across all digital

platforms to form personalized connections with your target

consumers, no matter the device or location they receive or access your


Three factors drive the mobile user experience: convenience,

simplicity, and proximity. Mobile devices make our lives more

convenient, while Mobile-optimized websites and apps

simplify the path to discovery, create relevance, and top-of-mind awareness.

Measure and Refine:

The final step in an IDM Strategy is to measure and refine your efforts. To

be successful, you must consistently evaluate all tactics

and tools to measure your actual outcomes against expected performance.

You must then use those insights to further refine and improve upon any

future IDM initiatives.

By seamlessly integrating various digital marketing channels into one

cohesive approach, you are better able to foster deeper and more

meaningful connections with those who find value in your brand.

Remember IDM: It’s Integrated, It’s Digital, It’s Marketing!