5 Online Marketing Tipps für Onlineshopbetreiber

[Werbung] Du hast einen Onlineshop und möchtest mehr Umsatz generieren? In diesem Video gebe ich dir 5 Tipps für mehr Umsatz!


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Cómo Empezar un Negocio desde 0 en 2018 en Internet | Nuevas Reglas del Marketing Online

Cómo Empezar un Negocio desde 0 en 2018 – Suscríbete en:

hermo benito | empieza aquí

How Online Marketing Changed My Life

In this video I introduce myself (for the first time on camera) to you all. My goal is to share my journey and experiences from both the music industry, to now being in the entrepreneurship space and providing depth into what knowledge i’ve gained not just with facebook ads, shopify or other ventures etc but how i’ve also applied that in my life. This video is just a short intro to me, and hopefully there’ll be many more to come. This video was filmed back in June, and a lot has changed since then. I was a bit hesitant to put it out, but I figured its time to get over my fears and just go for it. Happy to take you all on the journey with me 😀

Connect With Me:

Instagram: @grexofficial
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