Todo iniciante em marketing digital precisa saber disso!

Todo iniciante em marketing digital precisa saber disso!


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The 5th edition of E-Marketing treats the subject as traditional marketing with a twist: the Internet and other technologies have had a profound effect on the way we do business. This transformation has resulted in new business techniques that add customer value, build customer relationships, and increase company profitability. Stressing product, pricing, distribution, and promotion, the authors use a strategic perspective and give many important practices not covered in previous editions: namely, blogs, social networking, online branding, and search marketing. Point-of-purchase scanning devices, databases, and other offline technologies are discussed. For anyone interested in learning more about electronic marketing, this is an excellent handbook; its comprehensive glossary makes this a must-have reference.

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Web Marketing for the Music Business

“Using Web Marketing for the Music Business you can create a powerful web site that captures your audience, allowing them to see, hear and buy your music.” “Market your band using sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Youtube, where you will interact with your fans using viral marketing, blogs, message boards and fan generated content. You will learn to coordinate your offline and online promotions for maximum effect.” “Drawing on his vast experience and the knowledge of a whole plethora of industry experts, Hutchison brings you the best marketing advice.” “This is the perfect book for do-it-yourself musicians, managers and labels who want to maximize sales and exposure or the industry professional seeking information on new media.”–Back cover.

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Get Up to Speed with Online Marketing

ONLINE MARKETING – CAN YOUR SMALL BUSINESS AFFORD TO BE WITHOUT IT? Traditional advertising doesn’t always work these days – and it’s expensive. People screen out TV ads, magazine ads, and billboards. Instead they’re spending time on Facebook, watching YouTube, reading and writing blogs, listening to podcasts and flicking through Twitter. As a small business owner, how do you get the word out about your product or service? By going where your market is. And that’s online. This book explains in a straightforward, easy-to-follow style all there is to know about promoting small businesses, online covering all the major online tools available including: Websites Search engine marketing Email marketing Blogging Podcasts Online video Social networks e.g. Facebook and MySpace Virtual worlds e.g. Second Life Social bookmarking It will show readers how to use each medium to their best effect on a limited marketing budget, if not for free!

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ONLINE MARKETING COURSE: Interview with MML Student, Jaime Warren


Today I decided to do something a little different and interview a current student inside of the Mom’s Marketing Lounge, which is my online marketing course.

Jaime Warren is a total rockstar (& fellow mompreneur) & I wanted her to share her own personal development journey along with her experience of what’s it’s been like since starting the program.

She is a busy mom who not only works 50+ hours a week but she also teaches fitness classes, has 2 kids, a husband and is currently building her brand and setting up her online marketing strategy for her online business.

Connect With Jaime:

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The MML is an online marketing course/program to help you develop your brand & fine tune your message so you can confidently build your audience, influence & income online using modern day attraction marketing principles

(without the overwhelm, tech challenges or spammy tactics that you know just aren’t effective)

~Productivity Playlist…

~How to Plan Your Week Like a Pro

~How I Plan My Month (using the Passion Planner)

~Attraction Marketing Strategies

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I’m a stay at home mom who’s passion is to help other busy moms, re-discover their voice, build a solid foundation for their business, & show their kids what’s possible‼️

DISCLAIMER: This video and description can contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos to serve you better. Appreciate Your Support!

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The inability to find high quality items from China is a misconception, which brought up our discussion about the importance of a sourcing agent in this episode. How do you leverage a sourcing agent that does not get paid until you find the right quality product for the right price?
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Google Search, SEO Strategies, and Structured Data | Online Marketing Weekly #26

This week we will look at the data from a company that analyzed a million Google SEO results; latest SEO trends for 2016; and structured data and schemas and what it means for optimizing SEO.

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