Digital Marketing Trends For 2019 – Apply These Strategies NOW

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Digital Marketing Trends For 2019 – Apply These Strategies NOW ✅

It’s never too early to start planning ahead for your marketing for next year. In this video I share the ideas that I think are going to be the absolute best for digital marketing in 2019. The online business world is constantly changing but it’s for the good of the consumer!

If I had to highlight one thing in this video that would be video marketing. I’m confident to say that if your business hasn’t implemented video marketing then it’s likely your losing out on hot leads!

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MCA Online Marketing Blueprint – Introduction and Outline

MCA Online Marketing Blueprint – Introduction and Outline

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Improve your MCA online marketing skills and get a deep & comprehensive understanding of internet marketing here:

In this MCA Online Marketing Blueprint introduction video I explain why I created this blueprint, what the blueprint is, and cover what you’ll learn in this Motor Club of America internet marketing training course. Some of the topics covered in the MCA Online Marketing Blueprint are:
– Finding your MCA referral link
– Capture pages, autoresponders, marketing systems and why they’re essential for your business
– YouTube marketing & video SEO
– Facebook marketing
– Using blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, & other social media sites in your social media marketing efforts
– How to automate some of your marketing tasks with IFTTT to simplify them & save time
– And much more

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MCA Online Marketing Blueprint – Introduction and Outline

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Samriddhi Technology Services & Advertising Marketing is a prevailing Marketing, Branding and Promotion Solution Provider Company, providing the best services in Print Marketing, Graphic Design, Digital / Online Marketing and Innovative Promotion. Knowing the need of business sector today, we provide the most trusted solutions for your Marketing & Promotional requirements. Large or small-scale business, with our creative strategies, we make your reach to your target audiences effectively. If you have a query regarding your Business Marketing or Branding or Promotion, then we have the best solution for you in your budget.

We bring you a Customized Marketing Solutions and Support in sales growth in your budget. This helps you in building a strong brand identity in the minds of your Target Market. Our timely service empowers you to create a strong, on time marketing support. We are privileged to help you in your journey of successful business growth!


Ø Your Promotional Highlights through Google +, Face book, Twitter.

Ø Your Promotional Highlights through Blogger.

Ø Your Promotional Highlights through Bulk Email & Massaging Systems.

Ø Pamphlets circulated through News Papers and distribution form door to door by delivery Men.

Software support, Website Re-Engineering and Website Promotion will be monitored and updated on regular basic by the company.

#1 Lesson From A $10,000 Consultation With Gary Vaynerchuk About Internet Marketing

What would Gary Vaynerchuck teach a new internet marketer in exchange for a $10,000 consultation? This video reveals the #1 thing!

If you want to see their entire discussion after Eric took Gary Vee’s advice and took action, you can watch the full interview here.

Just to be perfectly clear, I didn’t personally pay for the consulting session with #GaryVee but these lessons come straight from Gary Vaynerchuk and Eric Worre (who did pay for the session).

Now, to be perfectly clear here…

I am not endorsing Eric Worre, I don’t find his teachings to be particularly helpful and I don’t participate in his niche… This isn’t about his teachings, so don’t subscribe to him and be like ‘WTF Miles, are you a MLMer?’

What this is about is the lesson he got from GaryVee and the actions he took after (a video a day for YEARS) that resulted in a large information marketing and event business.

A year or two of hard work with tiny results that EXPLODED him into the training scene as one of the highest paid trainers and speakers in his niche.

I think the most important thing to look at is the actions of Eric Worre and the Network Marketing Pro channel on YouTube because his YouTube marketing game took shape right there in the public’s eye.

Start here with video #1 if you’d like:

Since we are looking at less-than-perfect first videos, how about a flashback to my first video? lol…

I’m stoked that I’m a little less awkward in my videos now! hahaha.

But really, I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is how Eric Worre went from good to great through this process he learned from Gary Vaynerchuk.

He was a ‘good’ network marketer at best… He was not a best selling author. He was not a sought after speaker. He did not run a conference and he did not have any information products.

Within a few years he retired from network marketing to teach ‘how to network marketing’ via info products and live events, full time.

If that isn’t telling about 1) How powerful this kind of daily video can be and 2) how lucrative information products and ‘how to’ content for a niche audience can be…. I don’t know what is.

I’ve said it all here on this channel before… But sometimes it takes hearing another perspective from other greats in the marketing world to really set in.

You have the ability to go from being unknown to becoming the best in the world at anything… It just takes consistent efforts done strategically, over long periods of time.

3 Strategies to Begin Online Marketing

This video provides 3 strategies to begin online marketing for your personal brand or business. Digital marketing does not have to be difficult. Find success using these 3 strategies to begin online marketing to reach more people online. Be sure to LIKE and SHARE this video with your friends.

If you want to create a powerful YouTube presence and want to master YouTube Marketing then click this link

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Online Marketing Strategie – So WILL DICH deine Zielgruppe

Online Marketing Strategie – So WILL DICH deine Zielgruppe

Erfahre HIER wie du mit mir direkt zusammenarbeiten kannst und hol mein YouTube Marketing Cheat Sheet im Wert von 37,- € kostenlos:

Heute mal wieder ein Thema, welches mir sehr am Herzen liegt. Vor allem, dass du die Essenz hinter dieser Online Marketing Strategie 100% verstehst und umsetzen kannst.

Ich sehe sehr viele Leute in unserer Branche, deren einzige Online Marketing Strategie darin besteht, ihre Links in Gruppen zu posten und neue Kontakte auf Facebook bereits in der ersten Nachricht mit ihrem Business zu pitchen.

Bitte bitte bitte macht das nicht. Ich kenne dieses Spiel, habe mir viele wertvolle Kontakte dadurch verbrannt (auch außerhalb der Online Marketing Branche natürlich), und natürlich auch unglaublich viel Frust geholt, weil es so einfach nicht funktioniert. Das war damals schon so und ist auch heute noch so.

Letztendlich gibt es aus meiner Sicht lediglich 2 Arten einer gut funktionierenden Online Marketing Strategie: Entweder gezielte und bezahlte Werbung oder die Strategie, die ich hier in diesem Video anreiße.

Der Hauptvorteil der Online Marketing Strategie, die ich in diesem Video anspreche ist der, dass du, wenn du es einmal richtig angehst, du dir NIE mehr wieder Sorgen machen musst, dass du in deinem Network Marketing oder Online Marketing Business ohne Kunden und Partner bist. Das ist ein “bold promise”, ich weiß. Dennoch bin ich mir sicher, dass das jeder schaffen kann, wenn er konsequent in den Dingen ist, auf die es ankommt.

Also, jetzt viel Spaß mit meinem Video zum Thema Online Marketing Strategie – So will DICH deine Zielgruppe!

Ich hoffe, dass dir diese Ansätze dabei helfen, ein besseres Bewusstsein für diese long term strategy zu bekommen und wünsch dir wie immer viel Erfolg bei der Umsetzung.

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Für mehr kostenlose Praxistipps, Strategien und Mindset für den erfolgreichen Aufbau deines Online-, Network-, Affiliate Marketing Geschäfts, abonniere hier meinen YouTube Kanal:

Tipps für YouTube Anfänger – Teil 1 | YouTube Tipps

Video Marketing Tipps

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Online Marketing Strategie – So WILL DICH deine Zielgruppe

NETZPUNKTE – Online Marketing Agentur – Imagefilm

Imagefilm der Online Marketing Agentur NETZPUNKTE aus Buchholz.
Erstellt im Agentur eigenen Studio.

Sie wollen auch einen eindrucksvollen Imagefilm für Ihr Unternehmen?
Dann freuen wir uns, Sie kennen zu lernen:

Marketing Strategies for Online Business | Girl Boss Marketing Tips


Hey, Ladies!

I hope that you enjoyed this video where I share my top tips for marketing your business online.

Remember, having a clear picture of your audience and consistently adding value are the two most important elements of any marketing strategy.

Make sure to leave any tips of your own in the description below.

Thank you so much for watching.

Shine Bright Ladies! ✨✨

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