The State Of Online Marketing In 2019!

It is way more challenging than it used to be to grow your business in the online space.

I want to talk to you about the state of online marketing in 2019. The organic reach that you used to be able to get with your business has drastically increased on some platforms and drastically decreased on others. Facebook marketing in 2019 has changed its algorithm and we’ve seen a massive impact on businesses in the online space. I’m going to be sharing what’s working and what’s not working for businesses so that you can make the most out of your marketing.

The good news is that if you continue to put out value-driven content for your business, you’ll still be able to grow your audience and find clients on Facebook through your marketing. We’re seeing clients who already have an existing audience getting traction when it comes to creating AWESOME content. If you’re able to crack the code around the type of content that you’re ideal client wants to see, you’ll be able to get the reach you’re looking for. Using contests or Facebook ads are also going to be a great way of growing your platforms and reaching a larger audience. Let me know in the comments down below if you have any questions and make sure to subscribe to the channel!

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How to do Online Marketing Using Video

How to do Online Marketing using Video. Find out more at: or Call: 303-501-9250

Video marketing, particularly on YouTube, has become very effective in recent years and is now acknowledged as one of the most affordable marketing tools available. This is especially true when video marketing is compared with traditional website Search Engine Optimization. Naturally traditional SEO is still an effective way to drive potential customers to your website however, the competition to rank your website on page one has grown extremely intense over the last several years. In contrast, digital video marketing remains an essentially untapped resource and it is still relatively easy to rank your videos highly in the search engine results. This is especially true since Google adopted the use of ‘universal search’ which displays search results from a number of different ‘media streams’ into the main results page. For example, with any given keyword term, Google may now show returns from video results, news results, image and shopping results, as well as traditional website results.

How to do Online Marketing using Video

Here is an idea of just some of the significant marketing benefits you will get when using digital video media to promote your products or services. Here are just some of the attractions of using digital video marketing:

1 — Cost effectiveness. As mentioned before, one of the biggest advantages of using digital video media is the high return on investment. Video production is actually much less expensive than you might imagine, and getting your video to rank high on the search engines will not require nearly as many resources as getting your website onto page one of the SERPs. As a result, you will not need to invest nearly as much into your video marketing campaign as you would for a comparable website SEO campaign.

2 — Zeroing in on a very targeted group of potential customers. One of the main reasons that video promotion is so powerful is because your targeted potential customers are very likely to be willing to watch a short video as opposed to reading through a long website page. As you may know, gaining the interest of your market is already half the battle, and videos can help win them over and make it more likely for them to buy the products or services that you’re offering.

3 — Allows you to add a personal touch. As you’re probably aware in marketing, trust and image plays a huge role in whether a customer will buy your product. With a video, you will be able to put a face behind the brand, which actually increases the amount of confidence people have in your goods or services, which in turn can lead to a higher probability of making more sales.

4 — Allows you to reach a broad audience. A lot of people already use YouTube for all sorts of reasons, so you have a ready built in market who you can reach without any difficulty. Recently YouTube has taken over the number two spot for search engine use and is now ahead of Yahoo! and Bing.

5 — Online video promotion can also be used as a highly effective lead generation and pre-qualification sales tool. This is because a company sponsored video can create a much better active response from a potential customer in comparison to them having read similar text on a web-page.

6 — YouTube has its own a built-in Analytics tool that allows you to extract a great deal of important data. The YouTube Analytic tool will not only give you deep insight into the total number of views your video is receiving but will also supply you with detailed information of the demographics of your audience.

Video is an extremely affordable way to get your business in front of potential new customers and increase revenue. Creating a Video Ad is easier than you might think and is a very cost-effective way to promote your business. Contact us today at 303-501-9250 for a Free no-obligation phone consultation.

How to do Online Marketing using Video

5 Ways to Sell Physical Products Online Using Video Marketing

In this video I cover 5 video marketing tips to sell physical products using Facebook & Youtube videos. Using video marketing for your business isn’t new. I’ll show you how to grow your business with this video marketing strategy. Watch this video and learn how to use videos in your business and get more traffic.

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