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Hidden Truth of Digital Marketing Career | Salary | Jobs | Praveen Dilliwala
In this video we will discuss about the career of Digital Marketing Career in India and We will discuss what is the salary after Digital Marketing and what to do after Digital Marketing so watch this video till the end.

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[Q&A] Anak Muda Yang Sukses DiEra Milenial Digital Online Marketing With SLC.Romi

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How To Make Money Online, Affiliate Marketing, Online Marketing

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Top 5 Business models2019, How to be a Coach, How to an Affiliate Marketer

Learn from the birds-Do Not Worry, How not to worry, how to succeed

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Free Digital marketing and Sales tutorials for Entrepreneurs

Digital marketing,Online sales,e-commerce are booming these days.Digital marketing/social media marketing has became essential now days.You are a self-employed or a professional or you have your own business ….that dose not matter.Digital Marketing skills are must for every sector.We have started this channel for those who do not have technical knowledge but willing to learn digital marketing….!

Why use video in your online marketing?


All marketers agree that video is the most powerful marketing tool you can have and 2019 sees an even stronger video trend online.

Why is video soooo good?

Here’s just a few reasons why you need video:

1) Video is very visible. Yes, that’s obvious, but a video is literally more visible than just a post, or a document with written words, so it draws people’s attention, and it sucks them in.

2) The human brain perceives images 60,000 times quicker than the written word, which means that we get so much more value from a video than just a written text.

3) Client trust. When we see a person talk to the camera, it immediately creates more credibility and trust, which is very, very important for your prospective clients of course.

4) Our senses. When we hear the music, and we feel the atmosphere, and energy in a video, we’re activating more senses, so there’s actually a chemical reaction going on inside our brains, which creates a heavier impact, and triggers a whole range of things inside of us such as empathy, joy, and even our memory.

These are some fundamental human reasons for why video works.

But then, we also have the more technical reasons, the algorithms.

5) Most social media platforms, including YouTube and Google promote videos and images more than just written posts. If you upload a video, they will push your content forward, and up the line, where more people are likely to see you.

For your business to be seen and found video is gold dust. You will rank higher in searches, and your posts will reach a larger amount of people.

If you want to discuss how we can get your business to rank higher online through video, or if you have any other questions about video marketing or vlogging, do get in touch, and I’m more than happy to book in a chat with you.


Video blogging for business

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My Introduction: SEO, Social Media, Online Marketing and Business

Hi guys, my name is Mubashir Mazhar and this is my first introductory video on my YouTube channel.

On this channel I’mm be explaining concepts of online marketing and online business.

Plus, the experiences that I have gained in the last 7 years working as a freelancer online.

I wish all the other new YouTubers of 2019 who have just started and about to start their channel in 2019.

Digital Marketing Course

This video covers following topics
• Online course vs offline course
• Scope in digital marketing
• Career opportunities in digital marketing
• Digital marketing course fee
• Income from digital marketing
• Digital marketing for business owners
• Digital marketing hype or reality
• How to select right institute for digital marketing
• Who can join digital marketing course
• Job profile, Social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, PPC, Ad Words, Youtuber, affiliate marketer, blogger, internet entrepreneur, influencers etc
• Why one should hire a digital marketing agency
• Digital marketing agency – benefits / looses
• Digital marketing for startups
Details Can Be Found Of Digital Marketing Course At EduWings – www.eduwingsindia.com
Details Can Be Found Of Digital Marketing Agency – www.brandchanakya.in
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Mail : manager@varunsurana.in
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KÖNIGSKLASSE#1 / ROYALCLASSONE: Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR Co-Founder)



Martin Grosse mit dem Co-Founder Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) und Senior Product Manager bei LinkedIn USA (Mountainview) Christian Byza, zu Gast bei der Bonbon-Manufaktur, München –

Über das analoge Leben in digitalen Zeiten:
Was macht er eigentlich so? Wie tickt er als Mensch? Wie geht es ihm? Wofür steht er? Wie geht er mit den heutigen Herausforderungen um und wie sieht die Welt aus seiner Perspektive aus? Wie steht er zu Events und dem Networking in digitalen Zeiten? Wie sahen die Zeiten früher aus und was hat Christian daraus gemacht? Was macht ihn besonders?

Einblicke über den Tellerrand hinaus.

— Zum Abo —
YT: http://www.youtube.com/koenigsklassenummereins
FB: http://www.facebook.com/koenigsklassenummereins
LI: http://www.linkedin.com/company/18007148



Who we are




www.gini.tv – http://www.ginicanbreathe.com/

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Nächstes Video – EIN Königsklasse#1 FEATURING:
Susanne-Schoene.de und Nico Gabriel, CEO bei DriveNow, München

– WANN? 15.11.2017


Von und mit dem TOP Social Seller aus München:

Martin Grosse – 24.000 Follower auf LinkedIn


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