What Can Baseball Teach us About Online Marketing


There are 2 kinds of online ad strategies
#1 Home run ads
#2 Funnel ads

Home runs are far too common – This is where a business creates an ad on a platform like Facebook ads without doing any research. They think just because someone sees the ad, they’ll become a customer. This never works!

A funnel ad where a business creates a strategy to build up to a sale. This type of ad takes longer to convert, but is FAR more effective.

For example, if you’re a car salesmen, how would you try to sell a car? Would you walk up to people and say “wanna buy a car?!?”… OR… would you introduce yourself, ask questions, understand the persons needs, setup a test drive etc?

To setup a funnel ad, there are 4 steps

1- Create a general ad inviting people to visit your website
2- Capture leads. Give something away in exchange for an email address
3- Re-target. This is the most important part. Create a new ad for your leads (from step 2)
4. Make your offer.